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Festivals in Europe: July Morning - Bulgaria

July Morning is one of those local and interesting celebrations, which give Europe its variety, culture and excitement. It is a festival for freedom, summer and music and it is loved by free minded people from all ages.

The July Morning event is a Bulgarian annual festival celebrated in the early morning of 1st of July each year and it is basically the waiting of the sunrise over the sea waters of the Black Sea.

The start of the festival was given by a group of friends from the city of Varna in by then communist Bulgaria. As they greeted the rising July sun, they decided that this should become an annual tradition and since then the number of people following their wonderful idea is rising each year.

Nowadays there are many events in all Bulgarian Black Sea cost cities and towns and people gather to spend a beautiful night together and to say hello to the magical summer sun, rising over the sea waters. One of those festivals is for example the "Sozopol July Morning Festival", located near the beautiful town of Sozopol.

The name of the even was strongly influenced by the song "July Morning" by the legendary rock band Uriah Heep and these days two of the bands members ( Ken Hensley and John Lawton ) come each year to Bulgaria to sing their wonderful song along with hundreds of people at the moment the first July sun rays greet the smiling faces of the participants.

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