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Concerts in Europe: Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2013 Europe Dates

One of the greatest musical shows of all times is about to the hit Europe strong in the summer of 2013. The legend Roger Waters will present "The Wall Tour" in numerous countries with a tour which will undoubtedly be one of the most expected events in 2013.

The announcement of the dates is made on the very same day the Berlin wall was destroyed in 1989 and although the album was made 10 years before the fall of the wall, it gave the events additional atmosphere and a feeling , which no witness of this moment will forget.    

The Pink Floyd "The Wall" album and musical show have been a musical celebration over history and freedom and although they were first created some 20 years ago, people from all over the world still enjoy this unique spectacle and will continue to do so in the future.

The announced dates for the tour are as follows:

20.07.2013 - Werchter, Belgium
Festival site

23.07.2013 - Split, Croatia
Poljud Stadium

26.07.2013 - Padova, Italy
Euganeo Stadium

28.07.2013 - Rome, Italy
Olympic Stadium

07.08.2013 - Prague, Czech Republic
Synot Tip Stadium

09.08.2013 - Frankfurt, Germany
Commerzbank Arena

11.08.2013 - Copenhagen, Denmark
Parken Stadium

14.08.2013 - Oslo, Norway
Telenor Arena

15.08.2013 - Oslo, Norway
Telenor Arena

17.08.2013 - Gothenburg, Sweden
Ullevi Stadium

20.08.2013 - Warsaw, Poland
Stadion Narodowy

23.08.2013 - Vienna, Austria

25.08.2013 - Budapest, Hungary
Puskas Ferenc Stadium

28.08.2013 - Bucharest, Romania
Piata Constitutiei

30.08.2013 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Vasil Levski Stadium

01.09.2013 - Belgrade, Serbia
Usce Park

04.09.2013 - Berlin, Germany

06.09.2013 - Dusseldorf, Germany

08.09.2013 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Arena

18.09.2013 - Dublin, Ireland
Aviva Stadium

Tickets can be bought from the official Roger Waters website - rogerwaters.com and the local ticket agents.

source: rogerwaters.com

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Concerts in Europe: Bon Jovi 2013 Tour - Because We Can - Europe Dates

One of the most expected tours next year will be the "Because We Can" Bon Jovi 2013 Tour, which starts on the 13.02.2012 in Montreal, Canada.

The Tour will hit Europe with a concert in Sofia on the 14.05.2013 and as the band has already announced that they will perform all their greatest hits at locations they have never visited, the tour promises to be one of the greatest music events in 2013.

The dates of the European part of the tour are as follows:

14.05.2013 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Levski Stadium

18.05.2013 - Munich, Germany
Olympic Stadium

21.05.2013 - Oslo, Norway
Valle Hovin

22.05.2012 - Bergen, Norway

24.05.2013 - Stockholm, Sweden
Olympic Stadium

26.05.2013 - Tampere, Finland
Ratina Stadium

06.06.2013 - Copenhagen, Denmakr
Parken Stadium

08.06.2013 - Manchester, UK
Etihad Stadium

09.06.2013 - Birmingham, UK
Villa Park

12.06.2013 - Cardiff, UK
City Stadium

13.06.2013 - Sunderland, UK
Stadium of Light

15.06.2013 - Dublin, Ireland
Slane Castle

18.06.2013 - Berlin, Germany
Olympic Stadium

21.06.2013 - Stuttgart, Germany

22.06.2013 - Cologne, Germany

30.06.2013 - Berne, Switzerland
Stadt de Suisse

03.07.2013 - Glasgow, UK
Hampden Park

For detailed information about the tour, the venues and for ticket and VIP access reservations, you can visit theofficial Bon Jovi website:


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Travel in Europe: Budapest Cheap Flights and Airport Transfer Transport - Public Transport, Taxi and Shuttle

Budapest is one of the greatest European travel destinations and is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Central Europe.

In order to get the Budapest and to enjoy it's atmosphere, cultural and historical sites and of course the great Danube, you need to do just two things:

- get a good bargain airplane ticket
- get to Budapest from the Budapest Franz Liszt International Airport ( referred to as BUD )

The first step is somewhat more difficult, but you can actually enjoy some excellent fairs from some of the major low-cost air carriers:


Depending on your exact location you can check any of the above listed companies and find a ticket for a great Budapest holiday. You should of course expect the weekday prices to be cheaper than the weekend ones, so you should have this in mind when planning a holiday. A cheap ticket and several days off work are a very good combination, so you should use this opportunity whenever you have the chance to do it.

The second step to get to Budapest is to reach the city when you have already arrived at the Budapest Airport.
This is also a surprisingly easy task and also not a very expensive one, compared to transfer rates of the other major European airports. when planning the details for your holiday ( including the transport ), please do have in mind that since the 29.05.2012 the Terminal 1 of the BUD is no longer serving passengers. All air carriers use the Terminal 2 of the BUD airport and it's two terminals called 2A and 2B, taking into advantage of the new and very modern SkyCourt passenger hall built between them, which hosts many shops, restaurants and various services. Usually the Shengen citizens arrive at the 2A terminal and the non-Shengen citizens at the 2B, but be sure always to check this detail for your arrival and departure tickets in order to avoid any problems.

There are several transport options, so you just have to pick the one which suits your needs and pocket:

1) Public transport
You can get to Budapest ( or to the airport ) with a very each train-bus change, as follows:

You should use the 200E line, which runs from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 and the Kobanya-Kispest metro station and the Ferihegy train station. From the Ferihegy train station you can get a train ( numbers 111 and 92 ) to Budapest Nyugati Railway Stationto or you can use the M3 metro line from the Kobanya-Kispest to the city center - Deak Ferenc Square. The metro trip is recommended, as it is easier and faster. You can use the same transport to get to the Budapest Airport for your flight home.

If you have an early night ticket ( between 11am and 4am ), please note that bus 200E is not functioning at the time and you should use the 900 line and it's connections 950 and 950a, which will take you from the airport to Budapest to the city center. For the 900 schedule, please check here: http://bkv.hu/night/900vissza.html

Please note that when you switch from metro ( or train ) to bus you need two tickets for each ride. You do not want any troubles when you are in a hurry for your flight back home, so ensure that you actually have enough tickets for getting to the airport.

The ticket fares are as follows:
- single ticket: 320 HUF ( current exchange rate is 1 EUR = 282 HUF )
- 10 pack tickets: 2800 HUF
Tickets can be purchased at the airport newspapers stands.
All tickets can be used for 60 minutes ( 120 at night ) for the whole length of one bus, trolley or tram line. When using the tickets for the Metro system you can switch lines with the same ticket, ensuring to follow the time limit. For current terms and conditions for using the public transport, please check the website of the Budapest public transport company BKV: http://www.bkv.hu/en/

2) Bus Shuttle
The Budapest Airport has a bus shuttle service, which offers door-to-door transport services, which are especially suitable for groups of travelers. The advantages of using this service are:
- it is a very easy and fast service, which is not expensive when used by groups. You can also make an agreements to travel together with strangers, who are also arriving with the same airplane and are staying at a hotel near your accommodation location. The shuttle will leave every group at the hotel.
- you can book a shuttle up until 24 hours before your arrival or on spot at the shuttle reception
- there are shuttles able to carry from 8 to 50 passengers, so it can fit your whole soccer/basketball/volleyball team or even your orchestra with all the gear safely packed.

The price of the shuttle can vary depending on the number of passengers ( the more the better ) and the exact location you need to get to ( the closer the better ).

Information about the shuttle service can and the current prices can be found here: http://www.airportshuttle.hu/en/

3) Taxi
Taxi transport is fast, comfortable and not so expensive per person when you are 3 or 4 people. The Budapest Airport has a preferred taxi company ( Fotaxi - http://fotaxi.eu/ ), which is one of the major taxi companies in Budapest and offers fixed rates ( presumably no cheating with the use of these rates ) for the rides to and from the city depending on the exact location of your hotel. The rates vary from 14 EUR to 24 EUR. Based on the company information they have new cars, there are lots of vehicles located at the Budapest Airport, the drivers speak foreign languages and they accept credit cards ( in case you still have no HUF in you ), which are all nice things when getting a taxi abroad.

Another taxi company, which offers fixed prices to and from the Budapest Airport is the Zona Taxi ( http://www.zonataxi.hu/en/ ). They also offer rates depending on the exact location you need to get to ( at the moment ranging from 8 EUR to 18 EUR ) and we of course would like to advise you to check both companies before your flight and choose the company you want to use. 

As these are the three major types of airport transport, we hope that we have been useful enough with the above information. In case you require any other type of specialized or luxurious transfer service, we recommend that request this service from a travel agent, which uses a local trusted agent, so you can avoid any ridiculously high prices and unexpected surprises at the start of your trip.

We wish you a nice and memorable Budapest holiday !

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Europe Attractions: Barcelona Icebar ( Icebarbarcelona ) - A Summer Ice Adventure

Icebarbarcelona is one of the most interesting, ingenious and fun experiences you can enjoy during your stay in Barcelona.

Although Barcelona is known to have a splendid tropical-like weather and this is one of the reasons why people prefer it as a holiday location, we strongly recommend that you to have an hour in the chilling atmosphere of the Icebarbarcelona. How cool ( literally ) is it to wear a coat and gloves in Barcelona :)

Icebarbarcelona is established in 2007 and is climbing up in the chart of most visited places in the city due to its originality. The interior is renewed often and the lights, music and ice sculptures make it a really unique place to visit.

Especially if you are traveling in a group, it is highly recommended that you book your visit in advance on the official website of the Icebarbarcelona, as the number of visitors is significant and you might not be able to enter without a booking.

The entrance fee is 15 EUR ( 7.50 EUR for children under 7 years old, who are allowed to stay up to 23.00 pm ) and the bar closes at 3.00 am. The price includes one drink, as well as warm clothing, provided at the entrance.

Detailed information and how-to-get-there instructions can be found at the Icebarbarcelona website:


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Attractions in Europe: Dinner in The Sky

Dinner in the Sky is a very unconventional, ingenious and fun project, which allows people to to have a dinner, which literally lifts you up. This way you can enjoy the city you are experiencing this great adventure in, as well as to have a tasty dinner bellow the starts. In case you and your group want to, you can also have an orchestra flying beside you ( including a piano ! ) and to listen to some nice music while enjoying the dishes. Classy, a ? :)

The project is created by the Belgium based company The Fun Group, which is specialized in the design of a variety of projects, which aim to bring - yes, a lot of fun !.

The project Dinner in The Sky has already been presented to audience all over the world, including most of the European countries. The Dinner in The Sky can be rented through any of the local partners of The Fun Group, as this is a great way to organize a nontraditional business meeting, to have an exclusive private party or even to have an unforgettable wedding in the sky.

Detailed information about the Dinner in The Sky, as well as for the other projects of The Fun Group company can be found on their web-sites:

Dinner in The Sky

The Fun Group

source: www.dinnerinthesky.com

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Attractions in Europe: Barcelona Music Fountain - The Magic Fountain of Montjuic

Barcelona has a significant cultural, historical and architectural heritage to be one of the magnificent European marvels and one its' main attractions is absolutely fantastic and unforgettable - the Magic Fountain of Montjuic.

The fountain is located just bellow the the Palau Nacional on the Montjuic hill and right over the Espana Square. The architect behind the idea of creating the Magic Fountain of Montjuic was Carles Buigas, who is the son of another ingenious architect - Gaieta Buigas, the creator of the Columbus monument.

The fountain presents to the amazed audience a spectacle of music and lights. The show includes well known film soundtracks and popular songs.

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic has a variable schedule, with dates and starting hours of the show depending on the season, as the program can be seen at the official Barcelona web-site:

Magic Fountain of Montjuic

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Festivals in Europe: July Morning - Bulgaria

July Morning is one of those local and interesting celebrations, which give Europe its variety, culture and excitement. It is a festival for freedom, summer and music and it is loved by free minded people from all ages.

The July Morning event is a Bulgarian annual festival celebrated in the early morning of 1st of July each year and it is basically the waiting of the sunrise over the sea waters of the Black Sea.

The start of the festival was given by a group of friends from the city of Varna in by then communist Bulgaria. As they greeted the rising July sun, they decided that this should become an annual tradition and since then the number of people following their wonderful idea is rising each year.

Nowadays there are many events in all Bulgarian Black Sea cost cities and towns and people gather to spend a beautiful night together and to say hello to the magical summer sun, rising over the sea waters. One of those festivals is for example the "Sozopol July Morning Festival", located near the beautiful town of Sozopol.

The name of the even was strongly influenced by the song "July Morning" by the legendary rock band Uriah Heep and these days two of the bands members ( Ken Hensley and John Lawton ) come each year to Bulgaria to sing their wonderful song along with hundreds of people at the moment the first July sun rays greet the smiling faces of the participants.

петък, 22 юни 2012 г.

Festivals in Europe: Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, 29 June - 14 July 2012

Montreux Jazz Festival is another musical event in Europe, which presents to the visitors not only the best of music, but the magnificent beauty of the place itself.

Situated in the Alps, on the Geneva Lake, Montreux is a wonderful city, which will present to you the best of inland Europe has to offer.

The festival will be host to some of the Jazz legends and the most promising new-comers of our time and will be a musical spectacle you will really enjoy.

Some of the guests include:


and a whole lot more !

There will be many, MANY performances and this would really be one of the main jazz events of the year.

The events will take place on numerous stages throughout Montreux, which will give the visitors a great variety not only of music, but also of the feeling of the city.

Full program and detailed information about the events can be found on the official Montreux Jazz Festival web-site:


Festivals in Europe: Cap Roig Festival, Calella de Palafrugell, Spain, 14 July - 18 August 2012

The Cap Roig Festival is one of the exclusive musical events in Europe, in which you can enjoy a list of unbelievably good musical performances and also have a splendid vacation in one of Europe`s most beautiful places.

Calella de Palafrugell is proud to have one of the greatest botanical gardens in Europe - Cap Roig, and the surrounding nature is as beautiful as it gets due to the presence of plants from each of the continents, flourishing in Spain`s splendid climate.

The line-up of the festival includes performances by:
Bob Dylan ( 14 July 2012 )
George Benson ( 18 July 2012 )
Tonny Bennet ( 20 July 2012 )
Manolo Garcia ( 21 July 2012 )
Ben Harper ( 31 July 2012 )
Paul Anka ( 02 August 2012 )
James Morrison ( 05 August 2012 )
Chambao ( 15 August 2012 )
Alejandro Sanz ( 18 August 2012 )

and many talented artists, who will make the festival a classical and memorable event.

Additional information and ticket availability can be found on the official Cap Roig Festival web-site:


Festivals in Europe: Festival Internacional de Benicassim, Spain, 12 - 15 July 2012

This years Festival Internacional de Benicassim will again present a list of great performers, who will make sure that the tens of thousands of festival guests will have a special musical experience.

The seaside town of Benicassim is a splendid destination to enjoy some great moments at the beach as well, so your visit of the festival can really be amazing, of course mostly focusing on the music.

The line-up includes names such as:

Bob Dylan
Florence + The Machine
The Stone Roses
Noel Gallagher`s High Flying Birds
New Order
David Guetta
De la Soul

and many others ...

Festival Internacional de Benicassim is a great opportunity to enjoy Spain at it`s best and to know that you will come back next year as well.

Detailed information about the festival, ticket prices, transport and accommodation options can be found on the official web-site of the event:


Enjoy it ! 

Concerts in Europe: Bob Dylan Europe Tour 2012

Summer is getting really heated and besides the expected 2 weeks beach vacations is also giving us musical events with significant importance. Such and event is also the Bob Dylan 2012 Tour, which will have many dates in Europe and will give the audience the opportunity to witness a legend creating his magic on stage.

The dates are as follows:

30.06.2012    - The Hop Farm,, Paddock Wood, UK
02.07.2012    - Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin, Germany
03.07.2012    -  Freilichtbühne Grosser Garten, Dresden, Germany
04.07.2012    - Bonn Veranstaltungen, Bonn, Germany
06.07.2012    - Schlosshof, Bad Mergentheim, Germany
07.07.2012    - Salzburgarena, Salzburg, Austria
08.07.2012    - Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, Switzerland
11.07.2012    - Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Bilbao, Spain
12.07.2012    - Recinto de Conciertos, Benicassim, Spain
13.07.2012    - Benicassim, Castellon de la Plana, Spain
14.07.2012    - Jardín Botánico del Cap Roig, Calella, Spain
15.04.2012    - Arena of Nîmes, Nimes, France
16.07.2012    - Piazza Colbert, Bologna, Italy
18.07.2012    - Nuits de Fourvière, Lyon, France
19.08.2012    - Site De Kerampuilh, Carhaix, France
20.07.2012    - Arenes De Bayonne, Bayonne, France
22.07.2012    - la Prairie de Kerampuilh, Carhaix-Plouguer, France

Some of the concerts will be part of international festivals, presenting other amazing artists as well, so just pick the date that suits you best and have a wonderful musical experience.

Tickets and additional information on the tour can be found on the official Bob Dylan web-site:


вторник, 19 юни 2012 г.

Sozopol, Bulgaria - A Traditional And Beautiful Summer Holiday Destination

Sozopol is an amazing small town situated in Eastern Bulgaria, about 30 km from the city of Burgas. It has ancient cultural and religious history, traditional Bulgarian architectural style and amazing nature with both beautiful golden beaches with crystal clear water and nice forests around the bay.

                                                            Location and history

Sozopol is dates back from the 7th century BC and was established by the Greek colonists from the ancient town of Miletus. It has been a flourishing and rich town for centuries mainly due to its perfect location and the trading activities of its citizens with many of the other Greek colonies.

The location of Sozopol makes it presently a nice and well developed holiday traveling destination, which is very close to an international airport. This allows tourists from many countries to visit it each year and gives the town a string economical and cultural development.

Currently there have been significant archeological findings such as parts of bones of the body of St John The Baptist. This, along with the fact that Sozopol has been an important cultural and religious place in the past, gives the town a great opportunity to establish itself as a preferred destination for cultural and religious tourism.


Sozopol has to offer many types of accommodation options for all types of travelers - singles, young couples or families.

The Old Town is preferred by families as it is more quiet that the New Town, it is very close to a nice beach it has a beautiful main walking street with many restaurants on the main and side streets, which give you a spectacular view to both sides of the peninsula. You can at the very same time enjoy the view to the harbor and St John island on one side and the beach and the New Town at the other side. The Old Town can offer many small hotels and apartments, which are mostly build in traditional Bulgarian style and usually have a breath-taking view towards to sea and the beautiful surroundings.

The New Town is a modern holiday town with a beautiful beach, numerous restaurants and bars and plenty of shopping opportunities. There are many beautiful hotels right next to the beach, which gives you a very easy access to everything you need in a several minutes walk. Most seaside rooms have a very beautiful view to the Old Town and you besides visiting the many food and drink places around, you can really enjoy a nice and romantic dinner on the balcony.

Things to do and see in Sozopol

There are several things you should do such as:
-  take a walk on both sides of the Old Town with the harbor and St John island on one side and the ancient fortress wall on the other side
- taste traditional Bulgarian cuisine and fresh sea fish at some of the small restaurants with great sea view
- enjoy the beaches of Sozopol, which have beautiful golden sand and crystal clear water, protected from big waves by the perfect location of the lagune
- visit some of the traditional churches in the Sozopol Old Town. They might not be as spectacular on the outside as the Italian cathedrals, but you will feel their unique atmosphere and will

Sozopol is a wonderful and traditional Bulgarian town and it will give you memories, which will last.

четвъртък, 14 юни 2012 г.

Festivals in Europe: San Fermin Festival - The Running with the Bulls, 6-th July - 14-th July

The San Fermin Festival is held each year in the city of Pamplona - Navarre, Spain between the 6-th and the 14-th July as a celebration to the Saint Fermin, one of the two patrons of the town.

The festival is related to street processions with the image of the saint, which leaves the Church of San Lorenzo for only a couple of hours on the 7-th of July. The participants in the procession are dressed in white and this is a moment of great tradition for the locals, who await this moment all year long. The procession starts at 10.30 am, it includes people from different social role and has a strict route through the city.

The festival is world famous for one very spectacular reason - The running of the bulls. This is a spectacle of speed and suspense, which is viewed by millions of visitors since its beginning. Starting as a traditional way to lead the bulls to the arena, The running of the bulls is now an event, which attracts adrenaline fans from all over the world. There is a special 850 meters course for the run and along it there is a great number of safety barriers.

Prior to the start, the runners sing three times a song for protection by San Fermin. The runs start each day at 8.00 am between the 6-th and the 14-th July and the start is given by four rockets, signaling the runners about the opening of the bull barriers. The run usually takes about 4 minutes, remembered for life by the participants. Between 2000 and 3000 people participate in the runs in the different days. Although serious injuries are a small percent of the couple of hundred injured participants each year, this tradition has caused the loss of life for14 people since it is documented.

Each day at 6.30 pm there are bullfights in the Bullring. What makes the bullfights special for Pamplona are the Peñas - the local musicians, who bring a great entertainment to the atmosphere.

Just as at the end of each day, the San Fermin Festival ends officially at 11.00 pm on the 14-th July with a fireworks display, which is a fantastic way to end each day of the calender of the festival and to finish up with the festive activities.

Detailed information about the city of Pamplona and the events of the San Fermin Festival can be found on the official Pamplona web-site:

 source: http://sanfermin.pamplona.es

Other European Attractions:

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Festivals in Europe: Corpus Domini, Orvieto, Italy

Corpus Domini is one of the traditional European festivals, which preserves the history of our continent and brings back events, which have been kept for hundreds of years. It is one of the beautiful local events, which are rarely seen in traditional traveling of the main touristic locations and is an unique experience for everyone, who wants to witness a traditional Italian festival and to be a part of the history of the place for a day.

Corpus Domini is a religious and historical festival, set after the Pope declared a religious miracle after a local monk found blood on an alter cloth during a communion. The main event of the festival is the Corteo Storico, a parade of people of the town dressed in traditional costumes.

The festival combines history, tradition and religious celebrations and is one of the little marvels, which every traveler should witness.

Information about the festival and the town of Orvieto can be found here:

Information, Events & Festivals in Orvieto

Other European Attractions:

Festivals in Europe: Rock Werchter 2012, 28.06.12 - 01.07.12

Rock Werchter is one of the main events in the festival calender in 2012 and the proof for this is that the tickets for the 2012 festival are unfortunately already sold-out. We however would like to turn your attention to the line-up of the festival, so you can get a sense of the phenomenal talent, which will be brought in one place, and definitely plan ahead the next year addition of the festival, so you can get an early ticket.

Some of the bands playing at the Rock Werchter will be:

The Cure
Cypress Hill
Blink 182
Pearl Jam
Lana Del Rey
Paul Kalkbrenner
Red Hot Chili Peppers

and many others ...

The festival takes place in the village of Werchter, 30 km from Brussels and the access to the village is very easy. There is a free shuttle bus to the festival and about 20 camping sites situated in different zones according to the entrance road to the festival.

Detailed information about the festival can be found on the official Rock Werchter web-site:

понеделник, 11 юни 2012 г.

Concerts in Europe: Sting on Tour 2012

Sting is an artist like no other and his music has been innovative, sensual and original in the past 25 years, which has made him one of the legends, still entertaining people all over the world.

His 2012 Tour has already started in the USA and he is just about to enter Europe for a number of concerts on multiple venues. Bellow is the list of dates for the European part of the Sitg 2012 tour, and if you are in or near some of these cities, do not miss the show.

16 Jun 2012    Helsinki     Helsinki Classic Festival
17 Jun 2012    Oslo          Norwegian Wood Festival
19 Jun 2012    Bergen      Bergen Calling Festival
21 Jun 2012    Odense     Engen Fruens Bøge
23 Jun 2012    Werchter   TW Classic Festival
25 Jun 2012    Prague      O2 Arena
26 Jun 2012    Budapest   Budapest Arena
27 Jun 2012    Zagreb       Zagreb Arena
29 Jun 2012    Oeiras        EDP CoolJazz Festival
30 Jun 2012    Marbella    Hotel Puente Romano Tennis Club
01 Jul 2012    Ibiza            Ibiza 123 Festival
03 Jul 2012    Amsterdam  Ziggo Dome
04 Jul 2012    Henley         Henley Festival
06 Jul 2012    Cognac       Cognac Blues Festival
07 Jul 2012    Albi             Albi Pause Guitare
08 Jul 2012    Argelès-sur-Mer    Les Deferlantes Festival
10 Jul 2012    Piazzola       Anfiteatro Camerini
12 Jul 2012    Molfetta       Molo del Porto
13 Jul 2012    Taormina      Teatro Antico
15 Jul 2012    Perugia        Umbria Jazz Festival
18 Jul 2012    Toulon         Voix du Gaou Festival
19 Jul 2012    Paleo           Paleo Festival
21 Jul 2012    Carhaix        Vieilles Charrues Festival
22 Jul 2012    Arcachon     Stade Velodrome d'Arcachon
25 Jul 2012    Moscow      Olimpiski
27 Jul 2012    St. Petersburg   New Arena
29 Jul 2012    Riga             Riga Arena
31 Jul 2012    Kaunas        Zalgirio Arena

The talent and positivity of Sting makes his music a wonderful and memorable experience for all music fans and witnessing a concert of such a great artist is definitely a great start of an amazing musical summer.

Detailed information about the concerts and tickets purchase options can be found on the official Sting web-site:


петък, 8 юни 2012 г.

Festivals in Europe: Creamfields 2012 Electronic Music Festival, Daresbury, Cheshire, 24.08.2012 - 26.08.2012

Creamfields 2012 will be one of the main festivals of 2012 electronic music events calendar. The festival grew significantly in the past years and this year the line-up is simply fantastic. Just few of the names to attend the festival are:

David Guetta
Paul van Dyk
Richie Hawtin
Eric Prydz
John Digweed
Sebastian Ingrosso

... and the list goes on and on ...

Creamfields is located in the lovely countryside between Manchester and Liverpool and is very easily accessible by car, bus and train from the international airports. The camping option of the Luxury Camping of the festival is perfect for the ones who like camping, but want to do it the Creamfileds style, including some nice extra services. Tickets are available with the camping option, as you can of course use other accommodation options.

The festival will indeed be one of the best events of the year and we strongly advise you not to miss it if you like the line-up and fancy the experience.

Tickets and camping prices, list of the available services and extras and info about the guests is available on the official Creamfields 2012 web-site:


Festivals in Europe: Gods of Metal Festival - Rho, Milano

One of the significant events in the Metal/Hard Rock musical calender this year in Europe is the Gods of Metal Festival in the town of Rho near Milano, Italy.

It will take place between the 21st June and the 24th June and will host some of the most awaited names by the public:

Ozzy & Friends
Guns N' Roses
Motley Crue
Slash feat. M.Kennedy and the Conspirators
Children of Bodom
The Darkness
Black Label Society

The venue is very easy to get to from all directions, as it is located between several highways. The festival will of course present opportunity for camping, as well as assistance for accommodation in hotels nearby.

Information about tickets prices, availability and the festival itself can be found on the official Gods of Metal Festival website:


сряда, 6 юни 2012 г.

Festivals in Europe: EXIT 2012 - Novi Sad, Serbia

EXIT is one of the biggest festivals in Europe lately and this year will not be an exception -the guest performances will be by artists such as:

Guns n` Roses
Duran Duran
Ericah Badu
New Order
Richie Hawtin
Laurent Garnier
Suicidal Tendencies
Miss Kittin

and many many others  ...

The festival will take place between the 12th July and the 15th July in the town of Novi Sad, Serbia. The stages will be located on the riverbank of the Danube and there will be several venues - Main Stage, Dance Arena, Fusion Stage, Suba Stage, Explosive, Elektrana and HNS Stage.

A significant part of the EXIT Festival experience is the EXIT village, where visitors from all over the world will listen to music and enjoy being part of the great EXIT feeling.

Detailed information about tickets, line-up, travel information for the town of Novi Sad and camping options are available on the official EXIT Festival web-page:


вторник, 5 юни 2012 г.

Europe Travel Destinations: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria - A spectacular Sound and Light historical show

Veliko Tarnovo is a former Bulgarian capital during the middle ages and it was the last free major town of the Bulgarian kingdom, which was conquered by the Osman Empire prior to the 500 years enslavement over Bulgaria.

The town has a spectacular beauty, history and location. It holds the fortress of Tsarevets, which was where the royal and the patriarchal buildings of the middle age rulers were located, between the strongly defended fortress walls.

Veliko Tarnovo has many cultural sites such as the Bulgarian revival museums, the archeological museum, picture galleries and theaters. It is also the host town of several annual international musical festivals. The architecture of the town center is in traditional Bulgarian style and the view to the Yantra river gives the town a wonderful calm feeling.

The most spectacular event in Veliko Tarnovo is the Sound and Light Show, which is organized on Bulgarian national holidays ( 3th March, 24th May, 6th September ) and on the town holiday ( 22nd March ). The show is formed of lights and sound effects from installments located on the Tsarevets fortress, which color all parts of the fortress and its surroundings. The sound effects are a sensual and harmonic show of traditional Bulgarian music and combined with the light effects, the visitors witness an unique and unforgettable show, dedicated to Bulgarian history.

Detailed information about the show and the dates can be found on the official Veliko Tarnovo web-site:


source: http://velikotarnovo.info

Other European Attractions:

понеделник, 4 юни 2012 г.

Europe Travel Destinations: Brussels Gourmet Tram

The Brussels Gourmet Tram is an unique and delicious travel experience, part of the activities of the 2012 Year of Gastronomy events in Brussels.

The special gourmet tram was build by the Brussels public transport company in cooperation with high-class restaurant equipment company and a team of famous chefs, who have prepared special menus for each season. There are 24 different menus, made by the six chefs, and each of them is made with the proper care and attention, making the Brussels Gourmet Tram a spectacular experience for every visitor of the city.

We recommend that you book your tram gourmet experience some time in advance, as the interest towards this great idea is significant.

Booking can be made on the website of the VisitBrussels web-site:

петък, 18 май 2012 г.

Europe Travel Tips: Cheap Europe Airport Transfers

The airport transfer is very important for the comfort and time schedule of every traveler and no matter if you are looking for finding a cheap option, or money is not an issue, we highly recommend a pre-flight booked airport transfer, so you can safe time and effort once you arrive and need to get to town.

There are few ways to travel from the airport you arrive to your travel destination - train, bus, shuttle or taxi, and depending on your time of arrival, airport terminal and comfort standards, you have to choose one of them and to arrange it before you arrive, so you avoid any unpleasant surprises. The benefit of a pre-flight booked transfer is that you already have a ticket and you are informed about the exact place of the train station or bus stop.

Depending on the number of people you travel with and the luggage you bring, you might want to book a shuttle or a taxi, but if you travel alone or you are a couple, using a bus or train is cheap and easy way to reach your destination.

Bellow are some suitable options for different airport transfers:

Bus airport transfers available in several European countries
Terravision - http://www.terravision.eu/

Bus airport transfer in Barcelona, Spain:
Aerobus - http://www.aerobusbcn.com/

Bus, shuttle and taxi transfer services in many European countries:
Airport transfer Service - http://a-t-s.net/

Train airport transfers in many European countries:
Raileurope - www.raileurope.com
Suggestion: try searching your arrival destination in the search engine / top right corner on the main web-site /, so you can find advises which train exactly to use and where to board on. It is very important to know the exact name of the train stops, as there may be many stops on the way.

We wish you an easy trip to your holiday destination and a lovely vacation !

понеделник, 14 май 2012 г.

Concerts in Europe: Elevation Music Festival 2012 - Sofia, Bulgaria

Summer is the best time for visiting great musical events and this summer of of the best musical festivals will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria - the Elevation 2012 Music Festival.

The festival will present performances by:

Fatboy Slim
Erikah Badu
Groove Armada
Roni Size
Run D.M.C.
Parov Stelar
and more

The available variety of musical styles and the opportunity to spend fantastic three days in the Elevation 2012 open air venue makes the festival one of the most expected musical events of the summer.

Combining the festival with few days for visiting the nearby interesting places around Bulgaria` capital - Sofia, can give your holiday an additional experience and fun, while enjoying some interesting traditional and modern amusement possibilities.

Detailed information for the festival can be found here:

ELEVATION 2012 - Sofia, Bulgaria

петък, 11 май 2012 г.

Formula 1 - 2012 Season: Grand Prix de Monaco 24.05.12 - 27.05.12

After the upcoming 11-th to 13-th May race on the Circuit de Catalunya, Spain, the next race from the Formula 1 calender is one of the most expected and glamorous races in the world of motor sports - Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco from the 24-th to the 27-th of May 2012.

Although the track is not build for real high speed racing and many outruns, the race in the Principality of Monaco is a celebration of style and prestige.

Full information about the race, tickets and hotel reservations can be found on the Formula 1 website:



European Consumer Rights: Flight delay and cancellation compensations

Due to the increased mobility within the EU and the increased number of EU citizens traveling abroad, the European Parliament has accepted specified rights of the customers of air carriers when there has been a problem with the flight of the traveler.

Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 establishes passengers' rights in case of:

- denied boarding against their will
- flight is cancelled
- their flight is delayed

There are standard compensations in each of the above mentioned cases:

"Denied boarding:

In the event of flight cancellation or denied boarding, the passengers concerned have the right to:
  • reimbursement of the cost of the ticket within seven days or a return flight to the first point of departure or re-routing to their final destination;
  • care (refreshments, meals, hotel accommodation, transport between the airport and place of accommodation, two free telephone calls, telex or fax messages, or e-mails);
  • compensation totalling:
    - EUR 250 for all flights of 1500 kilometres or less;
    - EUR 400 for all intra-Community flights of more than 1500 kilometres, and for all other flights between 1500 and 3500 kilometres;
    - EUR 600 for all other flights.
The Regulation introduces a three-tier system:
  • in the event of long delays (two hours or more, depending on the distance of the flight), passengers must in every case be offered free meals and refreshments plus two free telephone calls, telex or fax messages, or e-mails;
  • if the time of departure is deferred until the next day, passengers must also be offered hotel accommodation and transport between the airport and the place of accommodation;
  • when the delay is five hours or longer, passengers may opt for reimbursement of the full cost of the ticket together with, when relevant, a return flight to the first point of departure.
Upgrading and downgrading
If an air carrier places a passenger in a class lower than that for which the ticket was purchased, the passenger must be reimbursed within seven days, as follows:
  • 30% of the price of the ticket for all flights of 1500 kilometres or less;
  • 50% of the price of the ticket for all intra-Community flights of more than 1500 kilometres, except flights between the Member States and the French overseas departments, and for all other flights between 1500 and 3500 kilometres;
  • 75% of the price of the ticket for all other flights, including flights between the Member States and the French overseas departments."
The full conditions and text of the Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 can be found on the European Commission web-site regarding the Denied boarding compensation system:


сряда, 9 май 2012 г.

Europe Festivals: Luminaria di San Ranieri - Pisa, Italy

Every year, on the 16-th of June, the city of Pisa, Italy, becomes a place of magic and unbelievable beauty.

The Luminaria di San Ranieri is an annual festival dedicated to the patron of Pisa - San Ranieri. At sunset on the 16-th of June thousands of candles are lighted on the facades of the city to celebrate San Ranieri, who is said to be the protector of all travelers. The festival also includes  spectacular fireworks later at night - 11 pm.

The atmosphere of the city is indescribably beautiful and peaceful. If you are on some of the bridges at the Arno river you will be in the middle of a real Tuscany fairy-tale.

More information about Luminaria di San Ranieri and Tuscany can be found here:

Luminaria di San Ranieri - Pisa, Italy


понеделник, 7 май 2012 г.

Europe Travel Destinations: Perperikon, Bulgaria

Perperikon is the name of a temple/fortress in South-East Bulgaria, which dates back from some 7000 years ago. It is one of the very few places on Earth, which can really be called cultural and historical birthplace of the modern culture.

It is already scientifically proven that Perperikon has been the temple of Dionysus, which was visited by known historical figures such as Alexander the Great and the Roman ruler Octavian in order to ask the ancient Gods if their quests for glory will be successful.

Once you start climbing the hill where the fortress is built you immediately know how hard it has been for any army to conquer it. Even when you go on top of the hill and reach the entrance of the fortress, you encounter several doors between rock walls, which have been defended with various methods and almost impossible to go through.

In the different eras Perperikon has been populated by several empires, and each and every one of them has acknowledged it as a place with special powers and great importance.

Perperikon is situated in a truly magical place - the Rhodopes mountains, which has been an area ruled by the Thracians, people with astonishing knowledge for nature and astronomy. These mountains are a place where you can visit both natural phenomena and small historical cities, which have kept their looks and culture and are welcoming tourists from all over the world.

Perperikon should be visited by all travelers, who are eager to go to the places of historical significance and they witness the greatness, which has survived through the thousands of years.

You can stay at some of the small villages surrounding the Kardzhali lake, which are some 30 to 50 km from Perperikon and will welcome you with great Bulgarian hospitality.

Detailed information about Perperikon and its history can be found here:


петък, 4 май 2012 г.

Europe Travel Destinations: Corfu Island, Greece

Europe has many faces and one of the loveliest of them is a sunny warm island called Corfu.

It is like a tropical island situated right next to the shores of Europe, making every first-time traveller wonder why you have not been there yet.

Corfu is the place to be for everyone who is willing to have a nice, quiet and beautiful vacation. The warm weather, the tropic-like beaches and the unbelievable tasty food will give you the joy you have not been imagining when planning your Corfu holiday.

If you are accommodated at some of the nice new resorts on the island there is nothing you have to worry about - the beach is few meters away, the hotel gives you a comfortable break from the warm sun and the light night breeze recharges you during the deserved cold drink on the restaurant terrace after the tasty dinner.

Once you visit Paleokastritsa, see the fantastic little beaches, look at the crystal clear sea water and board on the boats showing you around the bay and the magical places near the shore, you will understand that Corfu is a heaven on Earth which you will visit again very soon.

If you are currently choosing a summer holiday destination, do not hesitate to choose Corfu and to book a holiday you will really enjoy.


Europe Travel Tips: European Cruise Ship Travel

There is just one way to witness all of the sea and inland beauty Europe has to offer and it is by a holiday on a sea or on a river cruise ship.

The destinations offered by the cruise ship companies are wonderfully chosen to present to the attention of the tourist both the historical treasures and the natural beauty of the countries, which are part of the cruise route. The cruise ships pass around splendid bays with a view towards the stylish and friendly European sea side cities, and allow the tourist to enjoy the calmness of a sea travel and the luxurious comfort of the ship.

Mentioning just few of the destinations, reachable by the cruise companies, will be sufficient for everyone to understand that a cruse holiday offers a great way to travel to several wonderful cities just within several days:

Barcelona, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Rome, Italy
Naples, Italy
Venice, Italy
Marseille, France
Cannes, France
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Split, Croatia
Santorini, Greece
Stockholm, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland
St Petersburg, Russia
Budapest, Hungary
Vienna, Austria

and many many others ...

A cruise with a sea or a river ship is the perfect family or couple vacation, which will enable you to visit several interesting places within the same holiday and will give you a the unique travel experience of traveling on a ship.

There are many cruise companies and specialized cruise travel agents and you will be able to easily find an affordable and suitable European cruise destination, which will suite your interest and your curiosity of the places, included in the cruise destination.


сряда, 2 май 2012 г.

Festivals in Europe: International Fireworks Festival Cannes

There are some significantly spectacular festivals, which a person should see at least once in a lifetime and one of them is the International Fireworks Festival Cannes.

The festival is a competition between world renown firework manufacturers and  pyrotechnic show specialists, who battle in the colorful battle of the skies several days each year.

The International Fireworks Festival Cannes 2012 will take place at the Bay of Cannes and will host competitors from Italy, China, Spain, France and Germany, who will present their firework shows along a wonderful musical program, making the event a spectactacle for the sences a person remembers for a really really long time.

This years festival dates will be as follows:

14 July 2012
21 July 2012
29 July 2012
07 Aug 2012
15 Aug 2012

A beautiful vacation in Cannes is a memorable experience itself, but combining the holiday with an event from the International Fireworks Festival Cannes program is definitely one of Europe's finest experiences.

Additional information about the program and the competitors can be found on the official web-site of the International Fireworks Festival Cannes:


Europe Travel Destinations: Brussels Gourmet Tram

четвъртък, 26 април 2012 г.

Concerts in Europe: Sziget Festival – Budapest

Summer is the best time for visiting major music festivals with a whole load of world class bands and one of the best summer festivals in the recent years is the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary.

The list of participants and visitors in the last few years is very impressive and the line-up for this years festival between the 6-th and 13-th August will again be very tempting for every music fan. Some of the major bands to have confirmed performances are:

Hurts - 08.08.12
Placebo - 08.08.12
Axwell - 09.08.12
Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra - 09.08.12
Korn - 09.08.12
Bebel Gilberto - 10.08.12
Saint Etienne - 10.08.12
Tiga - 10.08.12
Goran Bregovic Wedding And Funeral Band - 12.08.12
The Killers - 12.08.12

The list of bands is being continuously updated.

In order to allow the festival fans to enjoy a great and effortless experience, the festival organizers provide useful accommodation and transport information.

A useful option to use is to acquire the Sziget Festival Budapest pass, which will allow you to use the public transport in Budapest for free, to use shuttle bus from and to the airport and to enjoy a number of discounts in different sites in the city.

For detailed information about the bands line-up, the location of the festival and ticket prices visit the official Sziget Festival web-site:

Sziget Festival – Budapest

сряда, 25 април 2012 г.

Europe Travel Tips: Vignettes

If you are travelling through Europe with a car, one essential thing, which you should know about your problem-free car ride, is that you should have a valid vignette for using the road network of the country you are travelling in.

As the vignettes are requested when you are stopped by a traffic police officer, you should be able to present it in order to avoid getting an undesider fine.

One very simple way to have all the necessary documentation is to stop at the first major brand gas station and to ask about the necessary vignettes in the country. You should also ask if there is additional payment requested for using the highway system in the country, as it might have to be paid separately.

The positive site of using known gas station chains is that you will be able to pay via credit card if you still have no local currency (some EU countries still use their own currency and not the EUR).

Vignettes can be used for a single day or for a week and when buying one you should consider if you will pass trough the country again on your way back.

вторник, 24 април 2012 г.

Europe Travel Tips: Europe by Train

There are many ways to explore Europe and to enjoy all the treasures it has to offer to its visitors, but there is one especially wonderful way to travel through Europe with style and ease and to see all the beauty of the nature and the country side of Europe - travelling by train.

Due to the cooperation on a national and international level, the train companies in Europe have created a vast network, which jointly covers all of Europes and it allows travellers to organize regional and international holidays by train and gives you the opportunioty to view Europe in a way not possible with any other transport.

You can get a full access to the train routes in the EU countries, you can plan using night trains, which will save you money and time for seeing more of Europe than by staying every night at a hotel and you can travel with some of the scenic trains in Europe, allowing you to view explicit views of the European countries, while travelling comfortably on board of a modern train with your friends.

A great opportinity for travellers by train is the option to buy Eurail Pass, allowing you to travel with just one ticket on multiple occassions in a single country or in many countries. This is a very cost and time efficient way to travel through Europe and to get a comfortable and memorable travel experience.

You can see the information about the train networks in Europe, routes and prices on the official European Railways web-site for train pass reservations:


петък, 20 април 2012 г.

Europe Travel Destinations: Provance, France

Many times a person thinks of France, there is a very tale-like, colorful picture, which comes on mind. It a splendid view pictorous hills with grapes and/or lavender, usually accompanied by a lovely two-stores chato and a small charming river. And this peaceful picture of a dream has a name - Provance.

Provance is not just a nice country side. It is also not just a place where you go to take a rest from the buzz of the city lights. It is simply a dream.

Provance is the place, where you just let go and become a tiny part of the great wide universe, which has found its exact place. It is a peace of mind, which will welcome you with a warm tasteful delight, will make you question yourself why you live somewhere other than there and will show you off with an invitation for a soonest comeback.

It is very difficult to describe what makes Provance the dream, which it is, but if we have to point some of the essential joys, which form the Provance feeling, we have to mention the following:

There are so many colors in Provance and every one of them is related to a very simple simple thing in life, which makes it so special to enjoy:
red grapes and wine - the color of life and love, both gloriously related to the place, in which life is love
golden and brown - the colors of the ground, which receives the love and care of the people and gives them in return the joy from the food and the wine
purple lavender - the color of kings, giving both the sight and smell the joy of a dream coming to life

... a result of the love between man and land, who have established a relation resulting to a just one thing - love ... a love in a glass, giving you the taste of eternity, the smell of natures' favourite flowers and spices and the joy of capturing a perfect moment of time ...

Time is no relevant in heaven ... and Provance is a heaven on Earth, unrelated to what is happening quite near and so far away ... when time has stopped nothing is happening, and when you are in Provance you are in its own time and space and everything which matters is the joy of being in a dream and living it with the one you care about and love ... and when the dream passes by and you are back home, just close your eyes and think about Provance and time will stop again ...

The people of Provance will welcome you with the warmth they nurture the land with, they will take care of you just like they grow everything, which makes the their home a heaven in a world so different from theirs, and will start a feeling in you, which will grow along with the red grapes and purple lavender and will make you feel home everytime you just close your eyes and smell the scent of a dream ...   

четвъртък, 19 април 2012 г.

Concerts in Europe: Norah Jones 2012 Tour

Norah Jones has proven to be one of the most diverse and respected artists in the recent years, succeeding in the same time to stay out of the spot ligts and to do what she does best - to create musical beauty.

Norah Jones has sold over 50 million copies of her albums and she has collaborated with artists such as Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Herbie Hancock, Keith Richards, Tony Bennett, Foo Fighters and many others, which gives her as much credit as the 9 Grammy awards she has won in the past 10 years. She is considered to be the best female jazz singer of the last decade and she continues to prove the reason for this title with every new project.

Her latest album "... Little Broken Hearts" is hitting the stores and Norah will be on tour. The dates and locations in Europe are as follows:

25.05.12 - Paris, France - Olympia Theater
26.05.12 - Frankfurt, Germany - Alte Opera
28.05.12 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Carre Theater
01.06.12 - London, UK - Royal Festival Hall ( already Sold Out )
02.06.12 - London, UK - Royal Festival Hall
14.07.12 - Lucca, Italy - Lucca Festival
16.07.12 - Luxembourg - Neumunster Abbey
17.07.12 - Hamburg, Germany - Stadtpark
19.07.12 - Rattvik, Sweden - Dalhalla
20.07.12 - Molde, Norway - Moldejazz Festival
22.07.12 - Pori, Finland - Pori Jazz Fest  

For all albums information and the prices and availability of the 2012 Tour tickets, you should visit the Norah Jones official web-site:


Europe Travel Tips: Travel Documents

When you are planning a holiday in Europe it is very important to first chech what kind of documents you are required to carry on with you and to present to any custom authorities you go through.

International Passport

No matter where you come from, usually the most important ID document abroad is the International Passport. In order not to get into any unexpected situation, it is essential to check that your passport is still valid and its expiration date has not passed. If you have travelled a lot and there are no free pages left for another Visa, it is also necessary to inquire if you need to apply for a new passport before your holiday.
Even if you are an EU citizen going to another EU country, you should check if the rote for your trip does not pass trough non-EU member countries, as you will not be allowed to enter the country without a valid international passport.

Power of Attorneys

If there are children in the group and both parents are not travelling, it might be necessary to present a Power of Attorney or any other kind of document depending on your local legislation, which certifies that both parents agree that their child travells abroad.

If you are travelling by car with a leased or rented car, it is absolutely necessary to present to the customs authorities a document, stating that the car is owned by a bank ( or a leasing company ) or by the car rental company, and you are authorised to use the car and to cross borders.

Travel Insurance Policy

Although it is not a required document when you are travelling alone and at your own risk, the travel insurance policy is a must for every traveller. If you are on a holiday with an organized group, your travel agent might include the international travel policy in the holiday package. However, you need to check this, and in case such is not included, you can book one very easily.
If you are travelling alone, especially in countries and places you aren ot familiar with, it is highly recommended that you have a valid travel insurance policy with you, covering all possible travel risks from medical expenses to luggage loss. This can save you a lot of money if such situations occur, and will guarantee you the necessary peace of mind, so you can go on and fully enjoy your holiday.

Flight ticket

Always check if you have your flight ticket with you when you leave home or the hotel you have stayed in. If you are using an on-line check-in option before departure, you have to make sure that you have checked-in within the exact time for it and to print your ticket, as if you have not made it and you have to get a ticket on the airport, there will be an additional charge.

сряда, 18 април 2012 г.

Europe Travel Tips: European City Cards

A wonderful and cost-efficient way to view a great number of the cultural, historical and attraction sites the major European cities have to offer is to use the one of the European City Cards.

The City Card give you very useful benefits such ase:
- free city transport
- free entrance to museums and attractions
- entrance discounts to museums and attractions
- discounts at restaurants and bars

The City Cards package also usually includes user guide in several lanuages, information about the museums and attractions, which are part of the benefits program and a detailed map of the city with useful information how to find the places with City Card discounts.

The City Cards can be bought from multiple spots in the cities, which are part of the program, and they are also available on the airports, so ou can buy one and start using it from the moment you arrive. This can be quite useful, having in mind that one of the benefits of the City Cards is a free ride with some of the available transport options from the airport to the city center.

Detailed list of the European cities, which are part of the City Card program and all the available discounts can be found here:


вторник, 17 април 2012 г.

Festivals in Europe: Las Fallas Festival - Saint Joseph, Valencia, Spain

Las Fallas is a festival held between the 15-th and 19-th of March each year in the town of Saint Joseph near Valencia, and it is one of the most spectacular events a tourist can witness.

The main event of the festival is the burning of enormous puppets, which are built before the festival and come in all shapes and sizes. The so called "Fallas" are formed when the "ninots" ( puppets ) are placed on a foundation filled with firecrackers, which are brought to the streets of the town, and eventually burnt during the culumination of the festival.

The festival is related to numerous celebrations, starting with the parties for raising the funds for building the 'Fallas" and coming to the actual festival between the 15-th and 19-th of March.

The festival has a very interesting schedule, which includes waking-up at 8 am by musicians, who are waliking and playing on the streets; seeing a coordinated firecracker show everyday during the festival at 2 pm; coverage with flowers of the statue of Saint Mary on the 17-th and 18-th March and finally coming to the much expected burning of the "Fallas" on the 19-th.

The fireworks show at night is a sight one would not forget and definately would want to see again. The colorful flames in the sky, the excetement all around you and the general feel of being part of something very special and unique will make you want to experience the "Las Fallas" every year again and again.

The spectacular event is finished early in the morning and after all the preparation, the excitement and all the work on creating the show, everyone gets a nice rest and awaits the next years' "Las Fallas".

You can see some of the spectacular moments of the festival on the official "Las Fallas" web-site:

Other European Attractions:

неделя, 15 април 2012 г.

Europe Travel Tips: Restaurant .HBC Berlin

If you are a traveller, looking for different and unique experiences in the places you visit, and you happen to be in Berlin, one of the venues you just have to visit is the .HBC Restaurant.

Eating out is a necessity when you are on holiday, but sometimes there can be more in it than just food. The .HBC Restaurant Berlin is a bar, a cinema and a restaurant. It is also a venue for art, festivals, workshops and lectures. HBC Berlin gives stage for a great variety of artists - musians from all genres, movie makers, writers etc.

This is a place where people meet art. It is made for art and it presents art in any form available, making it clear that going to a restaurant can be a lot more than just eating.

If you are about to visit Berlin, just take a look at the upcoming events at the .HBC Berlin and you will surely find something you are interested in and will give you an experience to remember.

Information and reservations:

сряда, 11 април 2012 г.

Europe city Guides: Paris Guide

Paris is love. Paris is art. Paris is passion. Paris is culture. Paris is ...

Paris is everything you can fall in love with in a city. It has accumulated history, culture and art like no other city in the world and everyone can find it attractive and interesting in so many ways ...

Paris has been the biggest city in both Europe and the world in different periods of history and it has evolved with it's own unique architecture, style and spirit. Paris is the most visited city in the world and there are thousands of reasons for this.

If you have ever wondered how the great kings have lived or what the greatest artists in history have created - Paris is the city to find it out.

The city is situated on the Seine river and the oldest part of Paris was formed on the islands Île Saint-Louis and Île de la Cité.

The modern architecture of Paris is a result of the 19th century re-modelling of the city, which allowed it to have wide and spacious main avenues instead of narrow streets. Paris still has the Alignment Law, based on which any new construction is regulated in accordance with the surrounding buildings and streets.

It is difficult to list all recommended sites in Paris and the city itself is a living and constantly evolving monument of human history, but some of the must-see historical and cultural sites are:

Eiffel Tower

The 324 m high iron lattice tower is probably the most recognizable symbol of Paris, and one of the best known constructions in the world. It is situated on the Champ de Mars and because of it uniqueness and perfect view over Paris, the Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid attraction in the world, visited by over 200 000 000 tourists since it was built in 1889 for the World’s Fair in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower is open for visitors and tourists can reach several different areas on the tower, getting up by stairs or by elevators. The top floor is at a height of 273 m and the view one sees from it is spectacular, both during the day and at night.

You can enjoy a nice traditional meal at some of the restaurants on the tower, while enjoying Paris from above, and knowing that you sit in the world's highest building between 1889 and 1930 can certainly make it a memorable experience.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées

The Champs-Élysées is one of world`s most famous streets and is one which makes you feel the spirit and glamour of Paris. The boulevard has a significant role in the architectural history of the city, starting as market area and being enriched with trees in the 17th century. By the 18th century the Champs-Élysées is mentioned in historical sources as Grande Avenue des Champs-Elisée and is a major boulevard, becoming cultural and economical center.

Some of the most significant and known landmarks of Paris are situated on or near the Avenue des Champs-Élysées - the Arc de Triomphe, the Place Charles de Gaulle ( known also as Place de l'Étoile ), the Élysée Palace and many others.

One of the remarkable events on the Champs-Élysées is the annual Bastille Day military parade, which is the largest in Europe, and is always viewed by the President of the Republic.
Avenue des Champs-Élysées is especially spectacular during the winter holidays, when it is decorated with most beautiful lighting.

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is built in honor of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte following his military victory at Austerlitz and since then it is used by French troops to celebrate military success.

It is situated on a crossroad of twelve main avenues and due to its significance as a French military symbol, it holds the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the World War II.

Musée du Louvre

The Louvre is the most visited art museum in the world. It is also one of the biggest art museums, holding art and historical objects from prehistorical to modern age.

The Musée du Louvre is spectacular for so many reasons - the fascinating architecture of the building itself ( created as a military fortress in the 12th century ), the hostorical significance of the museum ( open since 1793 ), the symbolical importance of the museum for the french, who have wanted it to be a place for art and science .. The art collection has significantly increased during the reigns of Emperor Napoleon, Louis XVIII and the Second french Empire.

The Louvre hosts master pieces by Michelangelo, Rafaelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Velázquez, Van Dyk and almost every other significant artist from the past. One of the most visited and notorious paintings in the museum is the Mona Lisa, which is displayed in a special climate-controlled frame behind bulletproof glass.

There are about 380 000 art and hostorical objects, which the Louvre holds, devided in eight departments: Greek, Etruscan, and Roman ; Egyptian antiquities ; Islamic art ; Near Eastern antiquities ; Sculpture ; Decorative arts ; Prints and drawings and Painting.

One day visit to the Louvre is absolutely insufficient and we would recomment that you plan at leat 2 or 3 days for visiting the museum and exploring all the treasures it holds.

Paris has to offer many many other cultural and hostorical sites such as the artistic Montmartre area, the important Place de la Bastille, the oldest monument of Paris - the Egyptian obelisk, the vivid and entertaining Quartier Latin and many others.

Be sure to visit at least several bistros near the Seina river and to buy a nice painting of a Paris view from some of the street artists.

Nomatter how much time you spend there on your vacation, you will be eager to get back in the very near future. It is a city of beauty, joy and romance and we wish you a really enjoyable holiday in the city of Love.