понеделник, 4 юни 2012 г.

Europe Travel Destinations: Brussels Gourmet Tram

The Brussels Gourmet Tram is an unique and delicious travel experience, part of the activities of the 2012 Year of Gastronomy events in Brussels.

The special gourmet tram was build by the Brussels public transport company in cooperation with high-class restaurant equipment company and a team of famous chefs, who have prepared special menus for each season. There are 24 different menus, made by the six chefs, and each of them is made with the proper care and attention, making the Brussels Gourmet Tram a spectacular experience for every visitor of the city.

We recommend that you book your tram gourmet experience some time in advance, as the interest towards this great idea is significant.

Booking can be made on the website of the VisitBrussels web-site:

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