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Europe Travel Destinations: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria - A spectacular Sound and Light historical show

Veliko Tarnovo is a former Bulgarian capital during the middle ages and it was the last free major town of the Bulgarian kingdom, which was conquered by the Osman Empire prior to the 500 years enslavement over Bulgaria.

The town has a spectacular beauty, history and location. It holds the fortress of Tsarevets, which was where the royal and the patriarchal buildings of the middle age rulers were located, between the strongly defended fortress walls.

Veliko Tarnovo has many cultural sites such as the Bulgarian revival museums, the archeological museum, picture galleries and theaters. It is also the host town of several annual international musical festivals. The architecture of the town center is in traditional Bulgarian style and the view to the Yantra river gives the town a wonderful calm feeling.

The most spectacular event in Veliko Tarnovo is the Sound and Light Show, which is organized on Bulgarian national holidays ( 3th March, 24th May, 6th September ) and on the town holiday ( 22nd March ). The show is formed of lights and sound effects from installments located on the Tsarevets fortress, which color all parts of the fortress and its surroundings. The sound effects are a sensual and harmonic show of traditional Bulgarian music and combined with the light effects, the visitors witness an unique and unforgettable show, dedicated to Bulgarian history.

Detailed information about the show and the dates can be found on the official Veliko Tarnovo web-site:


source: http://velikotarnovo.info

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