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Festivals in Europe: Las Fallas Festival - Saint Joseph, Valencia, Spain

Las Fallas is a festival held between the 15-th and 19-th of March each year in the town of Saint Joseph near Valencia, and it is one of the most spectacular events a tourist can witness.

The main event of the festival is the burning of enormous puppets, which are built before the festival and come in all shapes and sizes. The so called "Fallas" are formed when the "ninots" ( puppets ) are placed on a foundation filled with firecrackers, which are brought to the streets of the town, and eventually burnt during the culumination of the festival.

The festival is related to numerous celebrations, starting with the parties for raising the funds for building the 'Fallas" and coming to the actual festival between the 15-th and 19-th of March.

The festival has a very interesting schedule, which includes waking-up at 8 am by musicians, who are waliking and playing on the streets; seeing a coordinated firecracker show everyday during the festival at 2 pm; coverage with flowers of the statue of Saint Mary on the 17-th and 18-th March and finally coming to the much expected burning of the "Fallas" on the 19-th.

The fireworks show at night is a sight one would not forget and definately would want to see again. The colorful flames in the sky, the excetement all around you and the general feel of being part of something very special and unique will make you want to experience the "Las Fallas" every year again and again.

The spectacular event is finished early in the morning and after all the preparation, the excitement and all the work on creating the show, everyone gets a nice rest and awaits the next years' "Las Fallas".

You can see some of the spectacular moments of the festival on the official "Las Fallas" web-site:

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