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Europe Travel Tips: Restaurant .HBC Berlin

If you are a traveller, looking for different and unique experiences in the places you visit, and you happen to be in Berlin, one of the venues you just have to visit is the .HBC Restaurant.

Eating out is a necessity when you are on holiday, but sometimes there can be more in it than just food. The .HBC Restaurant Berlin is a bar, a cinema and a restaurant. It is also a venue for art, festivals, workshops and lectures. HBC Berlin gives stage for a great variety of artists - musians from all genres, movie makers, writers etc.

This is a place where people meet art. It is made for art and it presents art in any form available, making it clear that going to a restaurant can be a lot more than just eating.

If you are about to visit Berlin, just take a look at the upcoming events at the .HBC Berlin and you will surely find something you are interested in and will give you an experience to remember.

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