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Europe Travel Tips: European City Cards

A wonderful and cost-efficient way to view a great number of the cultural, historical and attraction sites the major European cities have to offer is to use the one of the European City Cards.

The City Card give you very useful benefits such ase:
- free city transport
- free entrance to museums and attractions
- entrance discounts to museums and attractions
- discounts at restaurants and bars

The City Cards package also usually includes user guide in several lanuages, information about the museums and attractions, which are part of the benefits program and a detailed map of the city with useful information how to find the places with City Card discounts.

The City Cards can be bought from multiple spots in the cities, which are part of the program, and they are also available on the airports, so ou can buy one and start using it from the moment you arrive. This can be quite useful, having in mind that one of the benefits of the City Cards is a free ride with some of the available transport options from the airport to the city center.

Detailed list of the European cities, which are part of the City Card program and all the available discounts can be found here:


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