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Europe Travel Tips: Travel Insurance

When booking a holiday abroad one of the essential things in the "To Do List" is to buy a travel insurance policy.

Although any required medical treatment within your own country is covered by the contry`s national health security system, any type of international agreements for providing emergency medical treatment to foreign citizens is agreed only with public hospitals. As such public medical facilities are very often not very close to the holiday resorts, and even in the major European cities you are most likely to encounter private medical facilities, having a private travel insurance can ensure that you will receive in-time emergency medical treatment for any illness or injury.

The positives of having a private travel insurance poliy are:
- low price insurance, covering great variety of risks:
medical expenses
luggage loss
holiday cancellation
trip delay
loss of pocket money
- 24/H travel assistance by the insurance company for any insurance covered problem you might encounter
- cooperation between the medical service providers and the major travel insurance companies

Visitng a private medical center in case of a minor or major medical emergency, especially in the holiday resorts, almost certainly ensures that you will be treated by an English-speaking specialist, nomatter in which country you are at the moment. Private medical facilities are also often equipped with up-to-date medical equipment and can even provide visits in the hotel and medical transportation.

Even if you are asked to pay on spot for the received services, your travel insurance company will reimburse the amounts paid abroad, which makes the travel insurance policy a must-have for every traveller.

Your insurance company can also be in contact with your travel agent in order to ensure all available assistance in case of luggage and money loss, so you can still enjoy a great holiday abroad.

An annual travel insurance policy is a more cost- and time-efficient solution than the purchase of single trip insurance policies and usually guarantees you better risk coverage conditions.

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