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Concerts in Europe: Norah Jones 2012 Tour

Norah Jones has proven to be one of the most diverse and respected artists in the recent years, succeeding in the same time to stay out of the spot ligts and to do what she does best - to create musical beauty.

Norah Jones has sold over 50 million copies of her albums and she has collaborated with artists such as Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Herbie Hancock, Keith Richards, Tony Bennett, Foo Fighters and many others, which gives her as much credit as the 9 Grammy awards she has won in the past 10 years. She is considered to be the best female jazz singer of the last decade and she continues to prove the reason for this title with every new project.

Her latest album "... Little Broken Hearts" is hitting the stores and Norah will be on tour. The dates and locations in Europe are as follows:

25.05.12 - Paris, France - Olympia Theater
26.05.12 - Frankfurt, Germany - Alte Opera
28.05.12 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Carre Theater
01.06.12 - London, UK - Royal Festival Hall ( already Sold Out )
02.06.12 - London, UK - Royal Festival Hall
14.07.12 - Lucca, Italy - Lucca Festival
16.07.12 - Luxembourg - Neumunster Abbey
17.07.12 - Hamburg, Germany - Stadtpark
19.07.12 - Rattvik, Sweden - Dalhalla
20.07.12 - Molde, Norway - Moldejazz Festival
22.07.12 - Pori, Finland - Pori Jazz Fest  

For all albums information and the prices and availability of the 2012 Tour tickets, you should visit the Norah Jones official web-site:


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