вторник, 3 април 2012 г.

Formula 1 - 2012 season: Circuit de Catalunya

The current season of Formula 1 started with a lot of excitement and it seems that Sebastian Vettel will have to make much more effort to keep his championship title than during the previous season.

The 2010 and 2011 champion is currently 6-th and having in mind that this year there are 6 former championship title holders racing the circuits of F1, we are up to some very exciting races.

The first of the European races will take place at the legendary Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona on the 13.05.2012 and is expected by the European F1 fans. Kimi Räikkönen, who holds the fastest lap on the track, is back after his two-years leave to the World Rally Championship and is about the challange the current championship leaders.

As we are about the have a fascinating F1 season, do not hesitate to book your tickets to the Gran Premio de España race until such are available.


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