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Concerts in Europe: Sziget Festival – Budapest

Summer is the best time for visiting major music festivals with a whole load of world class bands and one of the best summer festivals in the recent years is the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary.

The list of participants and visitors in the last few years is very impressive and the line-up for this years festival between the 6-th and 13-th August will again be very tempting for every music fan. Some of the major bands to have confirmed performances are:

Hurts - 08.08.12
Placebo - 08.08.12
Axwell - 09.08.12
Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra - 09.08.12
Korn - 09.08.12
Bebel Gilberto - 10.08.12
Saint Etienne - 10.08.12
Tiga - 10.08.12
Goran Bregovic Wedding And Funeral Band - 12.08.12
The Killers - 12.08.12

The list of bands is being continuously updated.

In order to allow the festival fans to enjoy a great and effortless experience, the festival organizers provide useful accommodation and transport information.

A useful option to use is to acquire the Sziget Festival Budapest pass, which will allow you to use the public transport in Budapest for free, to use shuttle bus from and to the airport and to enjoy a number of discounts in different sites in the city.

For detailed information about the bands line-up, the location of the festival and ticket prices visit the official Sziget Festival web-site:

Sziget Festival – Budapest

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Europe Travel Tips: Vignettes

If you are travelling through Europe with a car, one essential thing, which you should know about your problem-free car ride, is that you should have a valid vignette for using the road network of the country you are travelling in.

As the vignettes are requested when you are stopped by a traffic police officer, you should be able to present it in order to avoid getting an undesider fine.

One very simple way to have all the necessary documentation is to stop at the first major brand gas station and to ask about the necessary vignettes in the country. You should also ask if there is additional payment requested for using the highway system in the country, as it might have to be paid separately.

The positive site of using known gas station chains is that you will be able to pay via credit card if you still have no local currency (some EU countries still use their own currency and not the EUR).

Vignettes can be used for a single day or for a week and when buying one you should consider if you will pass trough the country again on your way back.

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Europe Travel Tips: Europe by Train

There are many ways to explore Europe and to enjoy all the treasures it has to offer to its visitors, but there is one especially wonderful way to travel through Europe with style and ease and to see all the beauty of the nature and the country side of Europe - travelling by train.

Due to the cooperation on a national and international level, the train companies in Europe have created a vast network, which jointly covers all of Europes and it allows travellers to organize regional and international holidays by train and gives you the opportunioty to view Europe in a way not possible with any other transport.

You can get a full access to the train routes in the EU countries, you can plan using night trains, which will save you money and time for seeing more of Europe than by staying every night at a hotel and you can travel with some of the scenic trains in Europe, allowing you to view explicit views of the European countries, while travelling comfortably on board of a modern train with your friends.

A great opportinity for travellers by train is the option to buy Eurail Pass, allowing you to travel with just one ticket on multiple occassions in a single country or in many countries. This is a very cost and time efficient way to travel through Europe and to get a comfortable and memorable travel experience.

You can see the information about the train networks in Europe, routes and prices on the official European Railways web-site for train pass reservations:


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Europe Travel Destinations: Provance, France

Many times a person thinks of France, there is a very tale-like, colorful picture, which comes on mind. It a splendid view pictorous hills with grapes and/or lavender, usually accompanied by a lovely two-stores chato and a small charming river. And this peaceful picture of a dream has a name - Provance.

Provance is not just a nice country side. It is also not just a place where you go to take a rest from the buzz of the city lights. It is simply a dream.

Provance is the place, where you just let go and become a tiny part of the great wide universe, which has found its exact place. It is a peace of mind, which will welcome you with a warm tasteful delight, will make you question yourself why you live somewhere other than there and will show you off with an invitation for a soonest comeback.

It is very difficult to describe what makes Provance the dream, which it is, but if we have to point some of the essential joys, which form the Provance feeling, we have to mention the following:

There are so many colors in Provance and every one of them is related to a very simple simple thing in life, which makes it so special to enjoy:
red grapes and wine - the color of life and love, both gloriously related to the place, in which life is love
golden and brown - the colors of the ground, which receives the love and care of the people and gives them in return the joy from the food and the wine
purple lavender - the color of kings, giving both the sight and smell the joy of a dream coming to life

... a result of the love between man and land, who have established a relation resulting to a just one thing - love ... a love in a glass, giving you the taste of eternity, the smell of natures' favourite flowers and spices and the joy of capturing a perfect moment of time ...

Time is no relevant in heaven ... and Provance is a heaven on Earth, unrelated to what is happening quite near and so far away ... when time has stopped nothing is happening, and when you are in Provance you are in its own time and space and everything which matters is the joy of being in a dream and living it with the one you care about and love ... and when the dream passes by and you are back home, just close your eyes and think about Provance and time will stop again ...

The people of Provance will welcome you with the warmth they nurture the land with, they will take care of you just like they grow everything, which makes the their home a heaven in a world so different from theirs, and will start a feeling in you, which will grow along with the red grapes and purple lavender and will make you feel home everytime you just close your eyes and smell the scent of a dream ...   

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Concerts in Europe: Norah Jones 2012 Tour

Norah Jones has proven to be one of the most diverse and respected artists in the recent years, succeeding in the same time to stay out of the spot ligts and to do what she does best - to create musical beauty.

Norah Jones has sold over 50 million copies of her albums and she has collaborated with artists such as Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Herbie Hancock, Keith Richards, Tony Bennett, Foo Fighters and many others, which gives her as much credit as the 9 Grammy awards she has won in the past 10 years. She is considered to be the best female jazz singer of the last decade and she continues to prove the reason for this title with every new project.

Her latest album "... Little Broken Hearts" is hitting the stores and Norah will be on tour. The dates and locations in Europe are as follows:

25.05.12 - Paris, France - Olympia Theater
26.05.12 - Frankfurt, Germany - Alte Opera
28.05.12 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Carre Theater
01.06.12 - London, UK - Royal Festival Hall ( already Sold Out )
02.06.12 - London, UK - Royal Festival Hall
14.07.12 - Lucca, Italy - Lucca Festival
16.07.12 - Luxembourg - Neumunster Abbey
17.07.12 - Hamburg, Germany - Stadtpark
19.07.12 - Rattvik, Sweden - Dalhalla
20.07.12 - Molde, Norway - Moldejazz Festival
22.07.12 - Pori, Finland - Pori Jazz Fest  

For all albums information and the prices and availability of the 2012 Tour tickets, you should visit the Norah Jones official web-site:


Europe Travel Tips: Travel Documents

When you are planning a holiday in Europe it is very important to first chech what kind of documents you are required to carry on with you and to present to any custom authorities you go through.

International Passport

No matter where you come from, usually the most important ID document abroad is the International Passport. In order not to get into any unexpected situation, it is essential to check that your passport is still valid and its expiration date has not passed. If you have travelled a lot and there are no free pages left for another Visa, it is also necessary to inquire if you need to apply for a new passport before your holiday.
Even if you are an EU citizen going to another EU country, you should check if the rote for your trip does not pass trough non-EU member countries, as you will not be allowed to enter the country without a valid international passport.

Power of Attorneys

If there are children in the group and both parents are not travelling, it might be necessary to present a Power of Attorney or any other kind of document depending on your local legislation, which certifies that both parents agree that their child travells abroad.

If you are travelling by car with a leased or rented car, it is absolutely necessary to present to the customs authorities a document, stating that the car is owned by a bank ( or a leasing company ) or by the car rental company, and you are authorised to use the car and to cross borders.

Travel Insurance Policy

Although it is not a required document when you are travelling alone and at your own risk, the travel insurance policy is a must for every traveller. If you are on a holiday with an organized group, your travel agent might include the international travel policy in the holiday package. However, you need to check this, and in case such is not included, you can book one very easily.
If you are travelling alone, especially in countries and places you aren ot familiar with, it is highly recommended that you have a valid travel insurance policy with you, covering all possible travel risks from medical expenses to luggage loss. This can save you a lot of money if such situations occur, and will guarantee you the necessary peace of mind, so you can go on and fully enjoy your holiday.

Flight ticket

Always check if you have your flight ticket with you when you leave home or the hotel you have stayed in. If you are using an on-line check-in option before departure, you have to make sure that you have checked-in within the exact time for it and to print your ticket, as if you have not made it and you have to get a ticket on the airport, there will be an additional charge.

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Europe Travel Tips: European City Cards

A wonderful and cost-efficient way to view a great number of the cultural, historical and attraction sites the major European cities have to offer is to use the one of the European City Cards.

The City Card give you very useful benefits such ase:
- free city transport
- free entrance to museums and attractions
- entrance discounts to museums and attractions
- discounts at restaurants and bars

The City Cards package also usually includes user guide in several lanuages, information about the museums and attractions, which are part of the benefits program and a detailed map of the city with useful information how to find the places with City Card discounts.

The City Cards can be bought from multiple spots in the cities, which are part of the program, and they are also available on the airports, so ou can buy one and start using it from the moment you arrive. This can be quite useful, having in mind that one of the benefits of the City Cards is a free ride with some of the available transport options from the airport to the city center.

Detailed list of the European cities, which are part of the City Card program and all the available discounts can be found here:


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Festivals in Europe: Las Fallas Festival - Saint Joseph, Valencia, Spain

Las Fallas is a festival held between the 15-th and 19-th of March each year in the town of Saint Joseph near Valencia, and it is one of the most spectacular events a tourist can witness.

The main event of the festival is the burning of enormous puppets, which are built before the festival and come in all shapes and sizes. The so called "Fallas" are formed when the "ninots" ( puppets ) are placed on a foundation filled with firecrackers, which are brought to the streets of the town, and eventually burnt during the culumination of the festival.

The festival is related to numerous celebrations, starting with the parties for raising the funds for building the 'Fallas" and coming to the actual festival between the 15-th and 19-th of March.

The festival has a very interesting schedule, which includes waking-up at 8 am by musicians, who are waliking and playing on the streets; seeing a coordinated firecracker show everyday during the festival at 2 pm; coverage with flowers of the statue of Saint Mary on the 17-th and 18-th March and finally coming to the much expected burning of the "Fallas" on the 19-th.

The fireworks show at night is a sight one would not forget and definately would want to see again. The colorful flames in the sky, the excetement all around you and the general feel of being part of something very special and unique will make you want to experience the "Las Fallas" every year again and again.

The spectacular event is finished early in the morning and after all the preparation, the excitement and all the work on creating the show, everyone gets a nice rest and awaits the next years' "Las Fallas".

You can see some of the spectacular moments of the festival on the official "Las Fallas" web-site:

Other European Attractions:

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Europe Travel Tips: Restaurant .HBC Berlin

If you are a traveller, looking for different and unique experiences in the places you visit, and you happen to be in Berlin, one of the venues you just have to visit is the .HBC Restaurant.

Eating out is a necessity when you are on holiday, but sometimes there can be more in it than just food. The .HBC Restaurant Berlin is a bar, a cinema and a restaurant. It is also a venue for art, festivals, workshops and lectures. HBC Berlin gives stage for a great variety of artists - musians from all genres, movie makers, writers etc.

This is a place where people meet art. It is made for art and it presents art in any form available, making it clear that going to a restaurant can be a lot more than just eating.

If you are about to visit Berlin, just take a look at the upcoming events at the .HBC Berlin and you will surely find something you are interested in and will give you an experience to remember.

Information and reservations:

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Europe city Guides: Paris Guide

Paris is love. Paris is art. Paris is passion. Paris is culture. Paris is ...

Paris is everything you can fall in love with in a city. It has accumulated history, culture and art like no other city in the world and everyone can find it attractive and interesting in so many ways ...

Paris has been the biggest city in both Europe and the world in different periods of history and it has evolved with it's own unique architecture, style and spirit. Paris is the most visited city in the world and there are thousands of reasons for this.

If you have ever wondered how the great kings have lived or what the greatest artists in history have created - Paris is the city to find it out.

The city is situated on the Seine river and the oldest part of Paris was formed on the islands Île Saint-Louis and Île de la Cité.

The modern architecture of Paris is a result of the 19th century re-modelling of the city, which allowed it to have wide and spacious main avenues instead of narrow streets. Paris still has the Alignment Law, based on which any new construction is regulated in accordance with the surrounding buildings and streets.

It is difficult to list all recommended sites in Paris and the city itself is a living and constantly evolving monument of human history, but some of the must-see historical and cultural sites are:

Eiffel Tower

The 324 m high iron lattice tower is probably the most recognizable symbol of Paris, and one of the best known constructions in the world. It is situated on the Champ de Mars and because of it uniqueness and perfect view over Paris, the Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid attraction in the world, visited by over 200 000 000 tourists since it was built in 1889 for the World’s Fair in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower is open for visitors and tourists can reach several different areas on the tower, getting up by stairs or by elevators. The top floor is at a height of 273 m and the view one sees from it is spectacular, both during the day and at night.

You can enjoy a nice traditional meal at some of the restaurants on the tower, while enjoying Paris from above, and knowing that you sit in the world's highest building between 1889 and 1930 can certainly make it a memorable experience.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées

The Champs-Élysées is one of world`s most famous streets and is one which makes you feel the spirit and glamour of Paris. The boulevard has a significant role in the architectural history of the city, starting as market area and being enriched with trees in the 17th century. By the 18th century the Champs-Élysées is mentioned in historical sources as Grande Avenue des Champs-Elisée and is a major boulevard, becoming cultural and economical center.

Some of the most significant and known landmarks of Paris are situated on or near the Avenue des Champs-Élysées - the Arc de Triomphe, the Place Charles de Gaulle ( known also as Place de l'Étoile ), the Élysée Palace and many others.

One of the remarkable events on the Champs-Élysées is the annual Bastille Day military parade, which is the largest in Europe, and is always viewed by the President of the Republic.
Avenue des Champs-Élysées is especially spectacular during the winter holidays, when it is decorated with most beautiful lighting.

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is built in honor of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte following his military victory at Austerlitz and since then it is used by French troops to celebrate military success.

It is situated on a crossroad of twelve main avenues and due to its significance as a French military symbol, it holds the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the World War II.

Musée du Louvre

The Louvre is the most visited art museum in the world. It is also one of the biggest art museums, holding art and historical objects from prehistorical to modern age.

The Musée du Louvre is spectacular for so many reasons - the fascinating architecture of the building itself ( created as a military fortress in the 12th century ), the hostorical significance of the museum ( open since 1793 ), the symbolical importance of the museum for the french, who have wanted it to be a place for art and science .. The art collection has significantly increased during the reigns of Emperor Napoleon, Louis XVIII and the Second french Empire.

The Louvre hosts master pieces by Michelangelo, Rafaelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Velázquez, Van Dyk and almost every other significant artist from the past. One of the most visited and notorious paintings in the museum is the Mona Lisa, which is displayed in a special climate-controlled frame behind bulletproof glass.

There are about 380 000 art and hostorical objects, which the Louvre holds, devided in eight departments: Greek, Etruscan, and Roman ; Egyptian antiquities ; Islamic art ; Near Eastern antiquities ; Sculpture ; Decorative arts ; Prints and drawings and Painting.

One day visit to the Louvre is absolutely insufficient and we would recomment that you plan at leat 2 or 3 days for visiting the museum and exploring all the treasures it holds.

Paris has to offer many many other cultural and hostorical sites such as the artistic Montmartre area, the important Place de la Bastille, the oldest monument of Paris - the Egyptian obelisk, the vivid and entertaining Quartier Latin and many others.

Be sure to visit at least several bistros near the Seina river and to buy a nice painting of a Paris view from some of the street artists.

Nomatter how much time you spend there on your vacation, you will be eager to get back in the very near future. It is a city of beauty, joy and romance and we wish you a really enjoyable holiday in the city of Love.


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Concerts in Europe: Lady Gaga on "The Born This Way Ball" Tour in Europe

The Lady Gaga "The Born This Way Ball" world tour will enter Europe on the 14.08.2012 with a concert in Sofia, Bulgaria and will end on the 06.10.2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

Hundreds of thousands of fans have been expecting eagerly the shows of one of world's most spectacular artists and the personal confirmation by Lady Gaga on the tour dates has been a great news for all of them.

If you are a local, or planning to visit any of these cities at the time of the tour dates, be sure to book your ticket in time, as they might finish very quickly.

The announced tour dates are as follows:

14.08.12 - Vasil Levski National Stadium - Sofia, Bulgaria
16.08.12 - Arena Nationala Stadium - Bucharest, Romania
18.08.12 - Wiener Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria
21.08.12 - Vingis Park - Vilnius, Lithuania
23.08.12 - Riga Mezaparks - Riga, Latvia
25.08.12 - Tallin Song Festival Grounds - Tallin, Estonia
27.08.12 - Hartwall Arena - Helsinki, Finland
30.08.12 - Ericsson Global - Stockholm, Sweden
02.09.12 - Parken Stadium - Copenhagen, Denmark
04.09.12 - Lanxess Arena - Koln, Germany
08.09.12 - Twickenham Stadium - London, UK
11.09.12 - MEN Arena - Manchester, UK
15.09.12 - Aviva Stadium - Dublin, Ireland
17.09.12 - Ziggo Dome - Amsterdam, Holland
22.09.12 - Stade De France - Paris, France
24.09.12 - TUI Arena - Hannover, Germany
26.09.12 - Hallenstadion Zurich - Zurich, Switzerland
29.09.12 - Sportpalels - Antwerp, Belgium
02.10.12 - Mediolanum Forum - Milan, Italy
04.10.12 - Stade Charles-Ehrmann - Nice, France
02.10.12 - Palau Sant Jordi - Barcelona, Spain

Be sure to check the available tickets and prices at the local major ticket selling companies and visit one of the greatest shows in the music world.

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Europe Travel Tips: Europe Audio Guides

If you are not travelling with a group of fellow tourists, but separately, it is quite expensive to pay for a local tour guide to inform you in detail about the city/cities you are visiting and to give you insights about all the fascination places you are able to see.

The major see sights offer paid audio guides in the main few foreign languages, which can be rented at the ticket desks of the sites, but paying for audio guide at every historical site is also not very ecnomical.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to look up for any available audio guides for the city/cities you are about to visit, as you will most probably be able to find on-line free ( or at least cheap ) audio guides for all main see sights in the major European cities. This way you can have very sufficient and interesting information on the lovely places you visit, and you will have the convenience of using your own smart-phone or mp3-player.

Following the instructions in the audio guides, you will be informed chronologically about the main historical events and development of the sites. You will also be guided through the buildings or areas in a specific order, allowing you to view all essential sights and to hear everything you need to know in order to have a complete and great travelling experience.

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Concerts in Europe: Michael Buble - Crazy Love Tour

One of the favorite male artists from the recent years is the Canadian singer Michael Buble, who is back on the road and touring.

He is just expected to come to Europe and there are 9 concert dates, which are scheduled within the continent.

If you live in some of the bellow mentioned cities, or are just visiting, consider going to a Michael Buble concert, as this will be a nice and memorable experience.

The concerts dates in Europe are as follows:

April 15, 2012 - Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning, Denmark
April 17, 2012 - Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
April 18, 2012 - Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden
April 20, 2012 - Hartwell Arena, Helsinki, Finland
April 21, 2012 - Saku Arena, Tallinn, Estonia
April 23, 2012 - Arena, Gdansk, Poland
April 25, 2012 - Lanxness, Cologne, Germany
April 26, 2012 - The Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
April 27, 2012 - The Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands

You can see more info and buy tickets online on the official Michael Buble web-site:

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Europe Travel Destinations: Loch Ness

Europe has to offer countless historical and cultural travel destinations, but just a few of them combine historical views with tales of legendary creatures, just like the lake Loch Ness in Scotland does.

Tales of a monster living in the depths of the lake have been around since the 7-th century and ever since the legend of Nessie ( Niseag ) is alive and attracting thousands of myth-followers to the Loch Ness.

From using man watch with binoculars and cameras in the beginning of the 20-th century to sonar and submarine studies in recent times, the area of the Loch Ness lake has been a subject to numerous expeditions in search of the notorious monster. There have been some challenging evidences of presence of unexplained large objects in the lake, but much is left for the imagination. Probable proofs for the existence of Nessie in form of pictures, video and even sonar footage have been constantly questioned by scientists, and as Nessie is still skillfully avoiding being caught for ages, she has proven to be a worthy catch.

Up to date the existence of the monster has not yet been officially proven or denied categorically. However, existing or not, Nessie has become a legend, intriguing  people's imagination and attracting travellers and adventurers from all over the world.

If you like tales and legends visit the Loch Ness and take a stare into the water surface. Drink a beer at any of the local pubs and listen to the stories of the locals - even if you do not see Nessie, you will surely feel the spirit of the area and will enjoy an experience like no other.

Europe Travel Tips: Travel Insurance

When booking a holiday abroad one of the essential things in the "To Do List" is to buy a travel insurance policy.

Although any required medical treatment within your own country is covered by the contry`s national health security system, any type of international agreements for providing emergency medical treatment to foreign citizens is agreed only with public hospitals. As such public medical facilities are very often not very close to the holiday resorts, and even in the major European cities you are most likely to encounter private medical facilities, having a private travel insurance can ensure that you will receive in-time emergency medical treatment for any illness or injury.

The positives of having a private travel insurance poliy are:
- low price insurance, covering great variety of risks:
medical expenses
luggage loss
holiday cancellation
trip delay
loss of pocket money
- 24/H travel assistance by the insurance company for any insurance covered problem you might encounter
- cooperation between the medical service providers and the major travel insurance companies

Visitng a private medical center in case of a minor or major medical emergency, especially in the holiday resorts, almost certainly ensures that you will be treated by an English-speaking specialist, nomatter in which country you are at the moment. Private medical facilities are also often equipped with up-to-date medical equipment and can even provide visits in the hotel and medical transportation.

Even if you are asked to pay on spot for the received services, your travel insurance company will reimburse the amounts paid abroad, which makes the travel insurance policy a must-have for every traveller.

Your insurance company can also be in contact with your travel agent in order to ensure all available assistance in case of luggage and money loss, so you can still enjoy a great holiday abroad.

An annual travel insurance policy is a more cost- and time-efficient solution than the purchase of single trip insurance policies and usually guarantees you better risk coverage conditions.

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Summer holiday in Europe: Croatia

If you are planning a summer holiday in Europe and you are wondering which way to go, you should definitely consider the possibility of spending a week or more on some of Croatia`s wonderful beaches.

Croatia is a peaceful and colorful country, situated on the cost of the Adriatic Sea, and it has become a paradise for tourists, who are attracted by its tropic-like coastline and the numerous historical and cultural locations.

Croatia was part of the formal Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia after the World War II, and although the coutry had a limited autonomy during the reign of the Communist regime, since it won its independence after the war with Serbia, Croatia has become a wealthy and prosperous country.

There are many remarkably beautiful places in Croatia and besides its picturous beaches, it has some of Europe`s most beutiful natural parks and lakes. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is only one of the highly recommended sites in the coutry, as it takes only a one-day trip to visit the park, as by nighttime you can be back in your lovely sea-side hotel.

Croatia is a wonderful summer holiday location for both tourists seeking nice and quiet vacation, and for travellers who are looking forward to tasting some of the night life on the Adriatic sea. The main cities, including the in-cost country capital Zagreb, can offer a significant list of cultural sites, including the newly-built Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as various entertainment events for its visitors.

Croatia has over a thousand of islands, which makes it a real tropical paradise in Europe.

When you plan your holiday to Croatia, be sure to schedule visiting various cities and beautiful sites the country has to offer. Although the loveliness of the beaches of Croatia will make you come back for more, be sure to have a spare set of batteries for your camera, as there is plenty beauty you would like to capture.


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Formula 1 - 2012 season: Circuit de Catalunya

The current season of Formula 1 started with a lot of excitement and it seems that Sebastian Vettel will have to make much more effort to keep his championship title than during the previous season.

The 2010 and 2011 champion is currently 6-th and having in mind that this year there are 6 former championship title holders racing the circuits of F1, we are up to some very exciting races.

The first of the European races will take place at the legendary Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona on the 13.05.2012 and is expected by the European F1 fans. Kimi Räikkönen, who holds the fastest lap on the track, is back after his two-years leave to the World Rally Championship and is about the challange the current championship leaders.

As we are about the have a fascinating F1 season, do not hesitate to book your tickets to the Gran Premio de España race until such are available.


Concerts in Europe: Sofia Rocks 2012

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, will host one of the main Rock events of the year and will welcome the return of a legendary band on stage - Guns`n`Roses.

The other bands, which will take part of the two-day spectacular event, are Godsmack, Iggy and the Stooges, Kaiser Chiefs, Within Temptation, Ugly Kid Joe and others.

In 2010 Sofia was the city, chosen by the Big Four ( Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax ) to record their live performance for the tour DVD and it surely was an ever memorable evening for all Rock fans.

You can also plan several days after the concert for a lovely relaxation from the experience at some of the splendid sea resorts Bulgaria has to offer.

The upcoming concert is expected with much enthusiasm and if you also want to be a part of it, get your tickets now at:

Sofia Rocks 2012 - info and tickets

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Europe Attractions: The Prater in Vienna

Vienna is one of the Europe's greatest cities. Its central location makes it perfect both for several-days holiday for sightseeing, as well as for stop-by on the way to visiting any other of the great countries nearby.

One of the landmarks of Vienna is the world famous amusement park - The Prater ( Wurstelprater ). It is part of the Prater park, which has been a hunting grownd and amusement establishment in the past.

The Prater might not be the biggest park of its kind in the world, but it is definitely one of the most beloved ones for the international tourists, who are looking forward to joyful experiences.

The entrance to the Prater is free of charge as the attractions have independent prices. Opening time also varies depending the different attractions, but one of the great things about the Prater is that during the summer and autumn seasons it is wide open from 10 am to midnight.

One of the most recognizable symbols of the park and the city is the Viennese Giant Wheel ( Wiener Riesenrad ) and a ride-on is particularly nice in the evening, giving you wonderful view over the surroundings.

The Prater experience is a classic and nice feeling, as well as great family fun, and definitely one of the symbols of Europe.

For detailed information on the park and attractions, please visit the official Prater website: http://www.praterservice.at/