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Festivals in Europe: San Fermin Festival - The Running with the Bulls, 6-th July - 14-th July

The San Fermin Festival is held each year in the city of Pamplona - Navarre, Spain between the 6-th and the 14-th July as a celebration to the Saint Fermin, one of the two patrons of the town.

The festival is related to street processions with the image of the saint, which leaves the Church of San Lorenzo for only a couple of hours on the 7-th of July. The participants in the procession are dressed in white and this is a moment of great tradition for the locals, who await this moment all year long. The procession starts at 10.30 am, it includes people from different social role and has a strict route through the city.

The festival is world famous for one very spectacular reason - The running of the bulls. This is a spectacle of speed and suspense, which is viewed by millions of visitors since its beginning. Starting as a traditional way to lead the bulls to the arena, The running of the bulls is now an event, which attracts adrenaline fans from all over the world. There is a special 850 meters course for the run and along it there is a great number of safety barriers.

Prior to the start, the runners sing three times a song for protection by San Fermin. The runs start each day at 8.00 am between the 6-th and the 14-th July and the start is given by four rockets, signaling the runners about the opening of the bull barriers. The run usually takes about 4 minutes, remembered for life by the participants. Between 2000 and 3000 people participate in the runs in the different days. Although serious injuries are a small percent of the couple of hundred injured participants each year, this tradition has caused the loss of life for14 people since it is documented.

Each day at 6.30 pm there are bullfights in the Bullring. What makes the bullfights special for Pamplona are the Peñas - the local musicians, who bring a great entertainment to the atmosphere.

Just as at the end of each day, the San Fermin Festival ends officially at 11.00 pm on the 14-th July with a fireworks display, which is a fantastic way to end each day of the calender of the festival and to finish up with the festive activities.

Detailed information about the city of Pamplona and the events of the San Fermin Festival can be found on the official Pamplona web-site:

 source: http://sanfermin.pamplona.es

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