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Festivals in Europe: Rock Werchter 2012, 28.06.12 - 01.07.12

Rock Werchter is one of the main events in the festival calender in 2012 and the proof for this is that the tickets for the 2012 festival are unfortunately already sold-out. We however would like to turn your attention to the line-up of the festival, so you can get a sense of the phenomenal talent, which will be brought in one place, and definitely plan ahead the next year addition of the festival, so you can get an early ticket.

Some of the bands playing at the Rock Werchter will be:

The Cure
Cypress Hill
Blink 182
Pearl Jam
Lana Del Rey
Paul Kalkbrenner
Red Hot Chili Peppers

and many others ...

The festival takes place in the village of Werchter, 30 km from Brussels and the access to the village is very easy. There is a free shuttle bus to the festival and about 20 camping sites situated in different zones according to the entrance road to the festival.

Detailed information about the festival can be found on the official Rock Werchter web-site:

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