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Festivals in Europe: Corpus Domini, Orvieto, Italy

Corpus Domini is one of the traditional European festivals, which preserves the history of our continent and brings back events, which have been kept for hundreds of years. It is one of the beautiful local events, which are rarely seen in traditional traveling of the main touristic locations and is an unique experience for everyone, who wants to witness a traditional Italian festival and to be a part of the history of the place for a day.

Corpus Domini is a religious and historical festival, set after the Pope declared a religious miracle after a local monk found blood on an alter cloth during a communion. The main event of the festival is the Corteo Storico, a parade of people of the town dressed in traditional costumes.

The festival combines history, tradition and religious celebrations and is one of the little marvels, which every traveler should witness.

Information about the festival and the town of Orvieto can be found here:

Information, Events & Festivals in Orvieto

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