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Summer holiday in Europe: Croatia

If you are planning a summer holiday in Europe and you are wondering which way to go, you should definitely consider the possibility of spending a week or more on some of Croatia`s wonderful beaches.

Croatia is a peaceful and colorful country, situated on the cost of the Adriatic Sea, and it has become a paradise for tourists, who are attracted by its tropic-like coastline and the numerous historical and cultural locations.

Croatia was part of the formal Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia after the World War II, and although the coutry had a limited autonomy during the reign of the Communist regime, since it won its independence after the war with Serbia, Croatia has become a wealthy and prosperous country.

There are many remarkably beautiful places in Croatia and besides its picturous beaches, it has some of Europe`s most beutiful natural parks and lakes. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is only one of the highly recommended sites in the coutry, as it takes only a one-day trip to visit the park, as by nighttime you can be back in your lovely sea-side hotel.

Croatia is a wonderful summer holiday location for both tourists seeking nice and quiet vacation, and for travellers who are looking forward to tasting some of the night life on the Adriatic sea. The main cities, including the in-cost country capital Zagreb, can offer a significant list of cultural sites, including the newly-built Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as various entertainment events for its visitors.

Croatia has over a thousand of islands, which makes it a real tropical paradise in Europe.

When you plan your holiday to Croatia, be sure to schedule visiting various cities and beautiful sites the country has to offer. Although the loveliness of the beaches of Croatia will make you come back for more, be sure to have a spare set of batteries for your camera, as there is plenty beauty you would like to capture.


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