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Music festivals in Europe: Sofia Rocks 2013 - 26.07.2013, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Sofia Rocks 2013 edition will once again be hard and loud and will gather the rock fans from all over Europe in Bulgaria.

The previous three editions of Sofia Rocks were among the best rock events in the European musical calender and it is clearly becoming an event to follow. 

Sofia Rocks 2013 will take place at the Vasil Levski stadium, Sofia, on 26.07.2013 and will present:

Bullet for My Valentine
... and more

The prices of the tickets range from 40 EUR to 75 EUR and we are all hoping for a full stadium, again.

The sound of thousands rocking together will again shake Sofia. Be there and experience it.

Detailed information about the festival and booking availability can be found on its official web-site:

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