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Attractions in Europe: Dinner in The Sky

Dinner in the Sky is a very unconventional, ingenious and fun project, which allows people to to have a dinner, which literally lifts you up. This way you can enjoy the city you are experiencing this great adventure in, as well as to have a tasty dinner bellow the starts. In case you and your group want to, you can also have an orchestra flying beside you ( including a piano ! ) and to listen to some nice music while enjoying the dishes. Classy, a ? :)

The project is created by the Belgium based company The Fun Group, which is specialized in the design of a variety of projects, which aim to bring - yes, a lot of fun !.

The project Dinner in The Sky has already been presented to audience all over the world, including most of the European countries. The Dinner in The Sky can be rented through any of the local partners of The Fun Group, as this is a great way to organize a nontraditional business meeting, to have an exclusive private party or even to have an unforgettable wedding in the sky.

Detailed information about the Dinner in The Sky, as well as for the other projects of The Fun Group company can be found on their web-sites:

Dinner in The Sky

The Fun Group

source: www.dinnerinthesky.com

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