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Europe Attractions: Barcelona Icebar ( Icebarbarcelona ) - A Summer Ice Adventure

Icebarbarcelona is one of the most interesting, ingenious and fun experiences you can enjoy during your stay in Barcelona.

Although Barcelona is known to have a splendid tropical-like weather and this is one of the reasons why people prefer it as a holiday location, we strongly recommend that you to have an hour in the chilling atmosphere of the Icebarbarcelona. How cool ( literally ) is it to wear a coat and gloves in Barcelona :)

Icebarbarcelona is established in 2007 and is climbing up in the chart of most visited places in the city due to its originality. The interior is renewed often and the lights, music and ice sculptures make it a really unique place to visit.

Especially if you are traveling in a group, it is highly recommended that you book your visit in advance on the official website of the Icebarbarcelona, as the number of visitors is significant and you might not be able to enter without a booking.

The entrance fee is 15 EUR ( 7.50 EUR for children under 7 years old, who are allowed to stay up to 23.00 pm ) and the bar closes at 3.00 am. The price includes one drink, as well as warm clothing, provided at the entrance.

Detailed information and how-to-get-there instructions can be found at the Icebarbarcelona website:


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