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Europe Festivals: Luminaria di San Ranieri - Pisa, Italy

Every year, on the 16-th of June, the city of Pisa, Italy, becomes a place of magic and unbelievable beauty.

The Luminaria di San Ranieri is an annual festival dedicated to the patron of Pisa - San Ranieri. At sunset on the 16-th of June thousands of candles are lighted on the facades of the city to celebrate San Ranieri, who is said to be the protector of all travelers. The festival also includes  spectacular fireworks later at night - 11 pm.

The atmosphere of the city is indescribably beautiful and peaceful. If you are on some of the bridges at the Arno river you will be in the middle of a real Tuscany fairy-tale.

More information about Luminaria di San Ranieri and Tuscany can be found here:

Luminaria di San Ranieri - Pisa, Italy


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