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Europe Travel Destinations: Corfu Island, Greece

Europe has many faces and one of the loveliest of them is a sunny warm island called Corfu.

It is like a tropical island situated right next to the shores of Europe, making every first-time traveller wonder why you have not been there yet.

Corfu is the place to be for everyone who is willing to have a nice, quiet and beautiful vacation. The warm weather, the tropic-like beaches and the unbelievable tasty food will give you the joy you have not been imagining when planning your Corfu holiday.

If you are accommodated at some of the nice new resorts on the island there is nothing you have to worry about - the beach is few meters away, the hotel gives you a comfortable break from the warm sun and the light night breeze recharges you during the deserved cold drink on the restaurant terrace after the tasty dinner.

Once you visit Paleokastritsa, see the fantastic little beaches, look at the crystal clear sea water and board on the boats showing you around the bay and the magical places near the shore, you will understand that Corfu is a heaven on Earth which you will visit again very soon.

If you are currently choosing a summer holiday destination, do not hesitate to choose Corfu and to book a holiday you will really enjoy.


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