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Europe Travel Destinations: Perperikon, Bulgaria

Perperikon is the name of a temple/fortress in South-East Bulgaria, which dates back from some 7000 years ago. It is one of the very few places on Earth, which can really be called cultural and historical birthplace of the modern culture.

It is already scientifically proven that Perperikon has been the temple of Dionysus, which was visited by known historical figures such as Alexander the Great and the Roman ruler Octavian in order to ask the ancient Gods if their quests for glory will be successful.

Once you start climbing the hill where the fortress is built you immediately know how hard it has been for any army to conquer it. Even when you go on top of the hill and reach the entrance of the fortress, you encounter several doors between rock walls, which have been defended with various methods and almost impossible to go through.

In the different eras Perperikon has been populated by several empires, and each and every one of them has acknowledged it as a place with special powers and great importance.

Perperikon is situated in a truly magical place - the Rhodopes mountains, which has been an area ruled by the Thracians, people with astonishing knowledge for nature and astronomy. These mountains are a place where you can visit both natural phenomena and small historical cities, which have kept their looks and culture and are welcoming tourists from all over the world.

Perperikon should be visited by all travelers, who are eager to go to the places of historical significance and they witness the greatness, which has survived through the thousands of years.

You can stay at some of the small villages surrounding the Kardzhali lake, which are some 30 to 50 km from Perperikon and will welcome you with great Bulgarian hospitality.

Detailed information about Perperikon and its history can be found here:


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