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Music in Europe: Classical Spectacular 2013 at the Royal Albert Hall, 25 years of true magnificence

Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall is an event in the European music calender, which simply can not be compared to anything seen elsewhere. There are other musical shows, which also combine music and visual effects, but seeing and hearing just a glance from the Classical Spectacular will really convince you that this is a show like to other and a must see for every fan of classical music and innovative spectales.

The 2013 Classical Spectacular will be the 25th edition of the annual show and it will be presented to the audience from the 14th of March until the 17th of March. Ticket prices vary from 14.50 GBP to 57.50 GBP and every real fan of unique musical shows ( who will be in London during the show dates ) has to book a ticket really soon, in order to be able to witness the real magic that is Classical Spectacular.

Please visit the official web-site of the Royal Albert Hall in order to see detailed information about the show and to book your tickets on-line:

Royal Albert Hall - Classical Spectacular Show

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