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Benefits of travelling during the low season

If you enjoy quiet and easy vacation, and you want to avoid the millions of tourists, who are visiting Europe’s major cities during the high season, the best way to have a wonderful holiday is to take it during the lower tourist season.

It is great to know that you are luckily enjoying a meal and a drink in one of Europe’s marvelous cities, while everybody else is working at the very same time. And doing it without the hordes of picture-taking tourists all around you makes it even greater.

Some benefits of planning an off-season holiday are for example:
-         lower flight prices
-         lower hotel room prices
-         easier access to museums and other tourists attractions
-         great way to recharge with a short weekend-type vacation, while awaiting the two week holiday in the summer

As mentioned above, you need just two or three days off work, and by combining them with any weekend, you can have a wonderful 4 night vacation in any major European city, which will revitalize your spirit after months of hard work. This, along with the fact that both flight tickets and hotel room prices are quite reasonable during the low-season (if you know how to find the good offers), makes the off-season vacation a real cheap pleasure.

You can also easily see a lot more in just four days during low-season, compared to a whole week during the high-season, as you will not have to wait long lines for entering the most visited museums and attractions. It is quite possible to spend up to two hours on a line to get into a museum in Rome or Paris during the high season, and a month earlier you can be one of the few in the museum to take their time and quietly enjoy masterpieces to their fullest.

Taking a low-season vacation would allow you to see what is worth in the city itself during your first trip there, and to visit some not-so-popular, yet picturesque sites outside the city the next time. For example, this can help you discover some of the unforgivably wonderful small towns in costal Spain, Italy or France during a week-long vacation in some of the main cities surroundings.

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