четвъртък, 29 март 2012 г.

Welcome to Europe !

Europe is the dream of every traveler - it is diverse, hospitable and interesting. The European countries have witnessed times of epic battles and ages of cultural development. Their cities have both medieval castles and modern and unique architecture. Europe has been the working ground for ingenious artists and scientists, who have changed the history of mankind and the world since millennia.

You can find what you are looking for in Europe - whether it is skiing in Austria or Switzerland, visiting historical monuments in Italy, sightseeing in France, going to the beach in Spain or drinking beer in the Czech Republic, you can do anything you want.

Every country in Europe will welcome you with warm hospitality, will allow you to experience expected and unexpected experiences and will plant in your mind memories you will cherish and would want to live trough again and again.

Travelling in Europe can make you realize how versatile and interesting the Old continent is, and will make you want to revisit every single country..

Our aim with the publications you will find here is to present to your attention the unique places and experiences you can enjoy throughout Europe. We will attempt to give you detailed and useful information about tours, sights, transportation and shopping suggestions and would be happy if we can assist you in your journeys.

Enjoy Europe !


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