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Fly cheap – Visit More

If you are looking for a good way to organize a low-budget holiday to one of Europe’s wonderful cities, or you are wondering how you can visit two or more countries during your vacation and still use only a reasonable amount of money doing it, there is only one way for you to make it happen – fly cheap.

You can choose from one of the more popular low-budget airlines and you can have a memorable holiday in every major European country. If you have a whole free week at your disposal, you can even make a combination of the departure/arrival airports and visit two countries within the same vacation. If you manage to use some of the special offers of the low cost airlines, or you are using some of the preferential pricing programs they have, you can practically flight almost for free, paying as much as 50 EUR/per person for a two-way ticket. If you decide to use a three-flight schedule for spending the first days of the trip in one country and then going to another, and you are lucky enough, you can spend about 100 EUR/per person for all three flights using a low cost airline.

Planning your holiday a little upfront can be very useful, as some of the best prices are available around a month prior to the departure date. Buying the tickets earlier can also allow your budget to be quite low, as you buy the flight tickets a month before the actual holiday, and you could pay for your hotel room the next month on arrival at your desired destination.

Having a whole month for planning your vacation also gives you the opportunity to find an available quality lower price hotel room on time, as they are usually fully booked well in advance by the thousands of travelers, who are visiting Europe’s most interesting cities both in high and in low tourist seasons. If you are registered in some of the web-sites for on-line booking services, you should definitely benefit from their frequent promotions and book a wonderful three or four-stars hotel room at an incredibly low price.

This means you can for example have an unbelievable four day holiday in Rome or in Barcelona for two for about 250 EUR in total (airplane tickets and hotel room for two).

We advise you to browse through some of the below mentioned low-cost airlines. Do not hesitate to act impulsively when you find an incredibly low price for a flight to a city you have always wanted to visit.



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