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Education shows in Europe: Walking with Dinosaurs

"Walking with Dinosaurs" is an unique show, which will guide you through the world of dinosaurs and will welcome you into an envirnonment last seen million years ago.

The show is in fact an educational program aimed to bring back the times of the great dinosaurs at the time they ruled the Eart. The "Walking with Dinosaurs" show is a BBC and Global Creatures production, which actually means that you will get a lot more than you have anticipated.

The show is interactive and educational and it has already been seen by more than 7.5 million people throughout Europe.

The main idea bihind the show is to bring the young and the grown-up children into the word of the great lizzarsd and to make sure that they will remember going up-close-and-personal with the creatures of the dinosaur history for a really long time.

Detailed information and upcoming tour dates of the "Walking with dinosaurs" show can be found on its' official web-site:



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