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Festivals in Europe: International Kite Festival, Cervia, Italy

Once a year the beautiful and calm Italian town of Cervia becomes the host of an extremely colorful and fascinating international kite festival. 

The beauty of the Italian Adriatic shore, the warm and windy weather and the thousands of kite fans make the Cervia kite festival a very positive and unusual travel destination, which you will leave going home with hundreds of photos, a big smile and the wish to come back next year for more.

Kite enthusiasts from many countries come to Cervia each year to present their one-of-a-kind complex creations, to meet their friends from other kite-construction studios and to make the festival visitors life-time fans of their beautiful and unique aerial creatures.

The festival dates, photos, videos and contact details of the festival organizors can be found on the official web-site of the event:

source: http://www.festivalinternazionaleaquilone.com

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