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Festivals in Europe: Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich, Germany

One of the most visited and well known festivals in Europe is without a doubt the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich, Germany.

As the subject of appreciation the festival is based on is clearly a favority of many local and international visitors, the Oktoberfest festival is gathering millions of people each year. In 2012 there were more than 6 millon visotors, who enjoyed the numerous beer brands, food specialties and entertainment events the festival has to offer.

People are wearing the traditional Bavarian clothes, which additionally gives the festival a truelly local feeling and helps the travellers be brought into a unique and very enjoyable atmosphere. This of course is also fueled by the traditional German music and the millions of litres of high-quality beer.

The festival takes place on a large area with many small and big "tents", which host the different beer brands, the traditional bratwursts - the best friend a beer can have, as well as the different amusement installations.

The official Octoberfest web-site can give you lots of interesting facts, the annual festival programm, as well as booking and accommodation information, so do not hesitate visiting when planning your Oktoberfest visit :)


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