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Auto Shows in Europe: Vienna Autoshow, Austria

Every January, usually at the second weekend of the month - Friday until Monday, Vienna becomes the automotive capital of Europe. The Autoshow Vienna is the biggest auto exhibition in Austria and it is a great start of the year for every motor fan living in Vienna or visiting it at the time.

The exhibition is held at the Vienna exhibition center ( Messe Wien ) and each year presents to the visitors dozens of auto brands and hundreds of their models on a 30 000 sq.m. area. There are of course world and European premiers of new models, which have never been presented to audience before.

The exhibitor companies are presenting models ranging from the economical small city cars to the million euro super cars, which ensures that all visitors find what they came for at the Vienna car expo.

Information about the dates of the exhibition, the opening hours, the venues, ticket prices, food options and many more, can be found at the Vienna Autoshow official web-site:


 source: sanjay at stockvault.net

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