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Festivals in Europe: Sonar Music Festival Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the proud home to one of the most intriguing and interesting music festivals in Europe in the past 20 years - the Sonar International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art.

The festival stands for it's name and hosts multiple artistical events - musical venues, design projects, music related computer programming, presentations of new musical technology etc.

The 2013 20th edition of the festival will take place between the 13th and 15th of June. A brief list of the names to be seen and heard during the festival includes: Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk with their 3D show, Skrillex, Paul Karkenbrenner, Laurent Garnier and many more. 

This is one of the most interactive and innovative festivals and gives the audience a more complete and interesting experience, making the night events just the great finish of a day full of events and music.

Detailed information about the festival, the booking of the different types of festival passes and the accommodation and transport essentials can be foud on the official Sonar Festival web-site:

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