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Festivals in Europe: Horizon Music Festival - Bansko, Bulgaria

The town of Bansko, Bulgaria is already becoming one of the fastest-growing winter holiday destinations in Europe and quite naturally it evelved into a host of one of the newest end of the winter season festivals in Europe.

The first ever edition of the Horizon Festival ( 23.03.2013 - 29.03.2013 ) will give you the opportunity to listen to a great list of various artists on different stages, to enjoy the great ski pistes of the resort and to enjoy Bulgaria at its' best - the great nature, the nice people and the wonderful food.

One of the greatest things of the Bansko Horizon Festival is the fact that the festival entry packeges include the entrance to the events, the accommodation and access to the ski pistes. This makes the festival a perfect destination for all good music and ski fans. The amazing beauty of the Pirin mountain will certainly make you come back for more, as the resort is also a very nice summer destination.

The Horizon Festival line-up includes many well-known names from the electronical music calender, such as: Crazy P, Jackmaster, Mark E, KiNK, Alex Arnout and many many more.

You can tell that Bansko is becoming a witner sensation by the fact that there are events such as the 31.03.3013 free Bob Sinclair DJ Party.

The fact that Bansko is very close to the capital Sofia and its' international airport ( quite conveniently part of the destinations list of most of the low-cost airlines ) will allow you to easily and effertlessly plan your trip.

Detailed information about the festival can be found on its' official web-site:

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