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Festivals is Europe: Cioccolatò festival in Turino, Italy

Festivals are meant to bring a pleasure for every visitor and we would like to present you one, which will most definitely be appreciated by everyone - Cioccolatò festival in Turino, Italy. 

As you have already guessed correctly - it is a festival for chocolate and it is dedicated to bringing exquisit pleasure to all visitors. Both the number of the participant chocolate factories and the number of the visitors are significant and one thing is quite certain - there are smiling people everywhere in Turino during the few days of the Cioccolatò.

The festival gathered about 500 000 visitors in 2012 and it is becoming one of the major and certainly most delicious food events and the European festival calendar. 

The festival is switching the events dates, as it was held in March, but in 2013 it will take place between the 22nd November and the 01st of December.

More information about the festival can be found on its' official website:

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